Monday, July 26, 2010

Table Scraps Tags

(Painted paper scrap found while cleaning studio. Love it.)

Remember I was lamenting the work I did on these cards and how they sucked? Well, I gave up on them for now and created other things to send out with my book winners' packages tomorrow. Yes, I'm that behind but I hope people will still love receiving a wonderful gift in the mail, albeit late.

All the tags, trims, stamped and collage images are from Red Lead. I call them my Table Scrap tags because I used scraps I had gathered in a pile on my desk, from cleaning up. Sometimes I do my best creating that way... Kind of like a mystery pile!

The 'For You' stamp and the 'Mail Art' sticker are off a package from a friend in England. I couldn't stand to waste them. So is the 'Destinario' wording glued to the top of the fencing on the tan card. Always fun to use up little bits and bobbles.

While cleaning I found a couple corset tags I made and blogged here. I'm sending those out as well. The corset and lady images are from Altered Pages.

DH helped me clean my studio this week and when the tables were cleared he saw all the paint on the tables (You can see the paint under the tags above. I'm not really a neat painter and don't care if paint gets on them.)

He said, "Oh, this is kind of neat and colorful, kind of like a kindergarten class."
I said "You mean like an artist studio?!"
He said, 'Oh, yeah, that too."
Eyeroll from me. 


Rhonda Langley said...

Some of my best ideas come from putting together bits & pieces-although I have a tendency to toss rather than save (GASP!).
Love the tags-aren't you glad we don't wear corsets??? In this heat???
I think that black painted paper belongs in your Raven book.

Lorraine said...

lovely colours and texture in all your work

missy k said...


Love your table scrap tags.... I love using up things I have lying around on my desk. Especially the little itty bitty things....great for inchies.


Joanie Hoffman said...

Hi Kris,
I was happy to receive the book from you (thank you!) but the bookmark made me smile & smile. It's that personal touch that made the package so very special.
It's the ONLY bookmark I use now.
Happy days,