Thursday, April 28, 2011

Caribbean Cruise Wrap-up

Well, best laid plans of mice and men and all that. We purchased internet while we were on our Caribbean cruise but it was just too slow to upload a whole ton of photos. I'm wrapping up our cruise info now and sharing the rest of our pictures. Well, not the rest. Between the 3 of us that went we netted over 1000 pictures. You don't really want to scroll through all of those. Except my sister in law Kelly of course. She's crazy. lol

So, in honor of my sister in law (and others) who need a bit of summer weather and want to live vicariously through our pictures, without further ado...

A Day in Haiti
What a stunning beach and all the help was so helpful. The boat brought all the food to the island for our lunch. The only disappointing part was we were really only on Royal Caribbean owned land. We didn't visit the 'real' Haiti and this was a disappointment. I'm so glad our trip did not end with this location. Dinner wasn't until 830 pm so when we got back on the boat around 4, we cleaned up and headed to the cafeteria area for Sushi! The sunset was gorgeous!

A Day in Jamaica
Every night we eat in fine dining on the cruise ship. Our assistant waiter was Jamaican and he said we couldn't go to Jamaica and not see the Dunns River Falls. So this is what we did. We hopped in a taxi and she drove us out 45 minutes to see this stunning waterfall down the whole side of the mountain, ending at the beach. I walked all the way down to the beach to stick in my toes and then about died walking back up, (hello, asthma.) There were groups of people walking up the actual falls, with water shoes. Apparently its the 'thing to do'. We just watched. Then we went back to Falmouth Jamaica where the boat was docked and did a trolley tour of the town. Beautiful. Did you know Elizabeth Barrett Browning's great grandfather lived in Jamaica? I didn't know either!

A Day in the Grand Caymans
What can be said about the Caymans? Unbelievably clear waters. I'm not a fan of ocean water and usually only sit shallowly or stand up to my knees in it. I know, for a person who loves the ocean, this is contradictory. But in the Caymans, its clear. Like standing in a pool. So I went all the way in up to my neck. My only complaint was its an island full of touristy people.

A Day in Cozumel Mexico
This was probably my favorite day. I remember sitting in the cafeteria staring down at the Cozumel harbor thinking, 'I don't want to go.' It wasn't very attractive, I'd been sick with a cold and asthma all the trip and was just tired tired. But I couldn't miss it. Once we were out there we made a decision to rent a car. Best decision we made all trip! We drove out of the congested city and around the island on the outer road. We saw calm beaches, Mayan ruins, rocky sands and superb waves on the ocean side of the island. We stopped in a little mexican cantina on the beach (called 'Naked Beach' but I didn't see any birthday-suiters) and had authentic chips and guacamole and fish tacos. I'd go back in a heartbeat. In fact, where is my passport? I'm ready to leave right now!

Some Cruise Ship pictures
Granted, I've never been on a cruise ship before but I can't imagine other ships being any better than this one. We had the best waiters, and they were our waiters every night. Our room steward made sure our rooms always looked new twice a day. There was free and constant food all over the boat at almost all times. Even on the Royal Promenade where you can shop, there was a pizza restaurant which was free! Dessert with every meal, an ice skating rink, miniature golf course, running track, basketball court, broadway plays highlights show, 3 pools, movies on the huge outdoor screen. We had a wonderful couple as our dinner table mates. It was a vacation of all vacations, my first trip out of the country.

That about wraps it all up. We had a most wonderful time. Now back to real life. *sigh*

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janet said...

I love this! How exciting! When we did that itinerary our excursion took us to where we could meet the locals of Hispanola (sp?). And yes Mexico is my favorite destination spot aside from Bermuda! Beautiful and the food, extraordinary!

Ironically, our pool table room is decorated like the english pub on the ship. I even managed to wrangle a few coasters from them. :)