Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Cruising Journal, Part 2

(Didn't get this posted yesterday so I'm behind. Pictures are not posting like I want them to, I'll update later with some pictures.)

I'm back. We're having a wonderful time on the ship. On our first night at sea (Sunday) the waters were smooth. What a wonderful introduction to cruising. I think if it had been tossy turny, I would never want to come on a cruise again. Our room is originally for handicapped persons. What this means for us is, wider area, much bigger bathroom. It's one of the last rooms they had. Mom was moved to another room overlooking the Promenade because this room is only supposed to sleep 2.

Sunday afternoon was spent hanging around the deck, exploring the floors. We found they have a library and I've already checked out a book of course. Before dinner we attended part of a show. There is an announcer that is so funny. The comedian that came on after him wasn't clean enough for my taste so we left and headed to dinner early. Before dinner began, mom and I took a walk around the very back of the boat and saw the remnants of the sun setting. So beautiful. Once again I'm reminded how small we are and how very BIG God is. Dinner was an amazing experience. We were waited on, hand and food. We share our dinner table with a sweet young couple. It's nice to meet new people.

Monday morning mom was out the door at o'dark thirty to explore. Beth and I wisely stayed in our beds. Mom saw the sun rise, did stretching class and other various things. I blissfully slept in til 9 am. Monday was spent lazing around as usual. I baked in the sun for exactly 15 minutes on each side so I wouldn't look like a lobster. Mom and I ended up going back to her room and taking naps. What a hard hard life we lead! Lol We all met back up in the evening and went to an ice show. Yes, you heard right. The ship boasts its very own ice rink. What a wonderful show! So colorful and enjoyable.

After that we went to dinner in formal attire. Dinner was scrumptious as usual and our normal waiter spoiled us. When I asked about the beef vs. the sirloin he recommended the beef but then brought me BOTH! I had to share with everyone. He did the same with mom's two choices of fish. For dessert we ordered 1 or 2 of everything, put them all in the middle of the table and dug in and shared. In the end we all decided it was the best meal we'd ever had. The best news at our table was that the couple had gotten engaged today. How sweet! They made just about everyone cry.

We wrapped up the evening with a Broadway medley. Lots of singing from various Broadway shows. I'd like to see several of them someday. What beautiful costumes the singers/dancers had!

Tuesday morning we were very excited to visit Haiti. We spent the day exploring, visiting the artisan market and basking in the sun. Beth and I borrowed some rafts and floated around in the deep blue. It was heaven. I wish we could have seen the real Haiti but Royal Caribbean has its own private beaches on the island. That was a little let down, we were hoping to go in town, maybe visit a church. But today we head into Jamaica and can travel wherever we care to. Our assistant waiter is Jamaican and he instructed us on how to get a cab, where to shop and a waterfall we must see. We're looking forward to today's excursion.

As I sit here typing in the early morning, I can feel the boat moving more than usual. We're almost ready to dock in Jamaica so I think I'll head up to the deck to experience our arrival. More, another day!

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