Saturday, April 12, 2008


It's a lovely Saturday morning. The day is overcast, the promised snow is not here and goblins are running amuck through the living room, I mean the WII. How is your day? lol I can't believe last Saturday it was 70's and today we had tiny flurries (no stickage though). Spring is almost here but its taking its own sweet time I guess.

I took some cute pictures of the Fingernests. My lovely dd agreed to model them for me. 3 are headed to Etsy today. Gosh, these were such fun to make with all the lace, crochet, fabric and buttons; most all vintage! They're just dying to 'nest' on someone's fingers! lol

Hope your day brings you peace and joy. I have a date with an artroom mess. Yes, its time to declutter again... The upside to that is, I can get back in it and create!

P.S. I lived through I Am Legend. It was a good movie. My heart beat hard for awhile after. I'm watching Michael Clayton tonight. Read more of my Emma book before I fell asleep.

Edited: E. Beck asked what the ring base is made of; silver plated ring blank and clear button:

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e. beck said...

my children always ask me to play on the wii with them! my favorite game is monkey ball .....
i cleaned my studio today and did some painting .... and i love your nest rings .... what is the actual ring bit made from?