Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Skyline Collage & Date Night

Gosh, is it only Tuesday (okay, Wednesday now that its the middle of the night.) I swear I've been going going since I woke up on Monday.

My 15 year old has discovered 'real photography', as she calls it. We have an older Sony Mavica with 14 zoom and another with 20 zoom and she has been taking the most amazing pics with them! You can see some of the pictures here: Flickr has this tool where you can alter pics, add color, techniques, etc... Last fall she went out with my parents to a party at dad's work. Driving through downtown Kansas City she snapped photo after photo (with our older camera) of the buildings and skyline. One of them inspired me to sketch the skyline, with Union Station in the front. However, I set it aside until now. I think the sketching was throwing me off. I was thinking 'I can't paint that!' This week I collaged the skyline instead. (Listed in my Etsy.)

I had I think my first date with my husband in maybe 2 years? Where has the time gone? I'm sure we may have sneaked off one time or another with mom watching the kids, but Friday night was the first time to really have DD babysit her sister for a longer period of time. I know, she's 15, but I'm protective. Anyway, we went shopping a bit, then decided to try out my new cell phone's GPS system. It led us right to a restaurant called Tassos. We had heard about it but never been to the restaurant. At first, I was skeptical, because, honestly it looks like a hole in the wall joint. We were only one couple of maybe 5 in there. I figure, it can't be good if no one is coming here. I was wrong.

The place is all dressed up gaudy with greek flags, pictures of people who have stopped in to eat, famous people mind you. There were fake grapes hanging from the ceiling. It was very greek. Kind of like a greek
Buca di Beppos! Within a 1/2 hour the place was almost filled. Especially the 2 long tables seen in the photo above. It must have been girls night out because they were both full of girls!

They really have the atmosphere going there. A lovely lady came to our table and enticed my DH to buy me a rose. An older gentlemen with a crazy mustache asked to take our picture with a polaroid camera. Both were bought for a price, but as DH says, its an experience!

The food was delicious. Greek salad and a plate of Gyro fixings. For dessert we had Baklava, but we ate it so fast I didn't have time to snap a picture.

During our dinner beautiful music was being played, we shouted out 'Oopa!' when everyone else did. After dinner a man with white hair and a white beard came out to the dance floor and played 'Conch shell Blues'. On a real Conch shell! It was fabulous! I can't wait to go back!

I think the pictures came out pretty clear for being a phone camera. I love my enV phone!


Rhonda L said...

Just to let you know I really do read & view your blog!! OOpa!!!
Rhonda L

trisha too said...

CANNOT believe you'd never been to Tasso's.

Yes, you are an artist.

We can dig a raku pit in my backyard.

Micki said...

Date night - a must have. Glad you got away! Tasso is yum-o!