Sunday, March 30, 2008

Blogging, Vintage Swap & Therapy Art

It's been a busy week. How about you? I have this whole list of things I want to talk about on my blog; thoughts from the week, things to share, pictures to post. Just haven't done it. My list reminds me of when DH was in the Marine Corps overseas at war. I would keep a list of things by the phone, things I needed to talk to him about, important or trivial, I didn't want to forget anything because we only had sporadic 20 minute conversations. That's the way I feel about a blog. It's a place to share stuff, visit with people, record what's going on; important or trivial. I find myself inserting the words 'Oh, I have to blog this' after all the crazy things that happen in my life. 2 years ago, I didn't even know what a blog was! Do you ever go back in your own blogs and read? I do. I was reading from over a year ago and I thought 'boy, I was funnier/crazier/rollmyeyes more embarrassing then!' It's just fun to read about what was going on in my life back then. Kind of like a diary. Only with pictures... and people I don't know reading it. lol

I'll only share one thing off my list for now. More tomorrow. I joined a swap 'ArtsyMama's Vintage Party Swap' a while back and have been working on the package for my partner Paula. I can't show you what I have just yet since I haven't sent it to her. As soon as she has it, I'll show. However, I DID receive my package from her! I am so excited about everything in the box! The theme she sent me was 'Paris In The Spring'. Perfect idea!

One of the most exciting things about the whole box was this note and CD (apparently its from a movie I have yet to see). The note indicated that I should pop the CD in and listen to it while opening the package. This made the opening seem like an event! Wonderful idea.

I've always wanted one of those triangle vintage type banners you see people have for their mantles/walls/rooms but have just never made one (like this, this and this). She provided the kit for me to make one myself! It even has 4 different types of streamers to help decorate the banner. I can't wait to get started on it!

I'm in love with birds, nests, eggs, anything having to do with those. This is an adorable porcelain bird musicbox playing a song I can't quite identify, yet. But its a beautiful tune.

I love the Eiffel Tower box. It looks like a vintage postcard on the front, with gold leafing around the edges. It's going straight in my Paris bathroom to hold something of consequence. The lovely handmade wired button flowers and French Lavender candle inside were just the right touch.

The little pocket thing seen on the left is metal. How cool is that? It came filled with tissue paper and these flowers and seed packet. I am looking forward to planting the seeds in the yard.

Some of my favorite items from the package are in this picture. It included metal grommets, brochures from a Paris trip and elongated postcards of Paris pictures. They're beautiful! I want to frame a few for my bathroom.

There's nothing I love more than all things vintage so the inclusion of some old flowers, labels, garden fence and old music really floated my boat. Love the colors on these things.

One of the main things that made the package so special was that everything was wrapped in bright, tissue paper as well as the french toile type paper too. I collect tissue paper to use in my art so these was like a goldmine to me. I have none of these pieces yet.

I think my favorite thing in the whole package was the picture you see at the top of the post. The pretty nest with eggs on some gorgeous twigs/berry branches. I've set it on my shelf to remind me that spring really IS on the way, despite my thinking the contrary.

Thanks so much to my generous partner Paula. I hope my package meets with what you're wanting in a 'Spring Fling' topic. We shall soon see...

P.S. I just noticed that this next week's Creative Therapy Challenge (the one I mentioned here) is up already for tomorrow and you can find my new canvas there this time! GO here to see the challenge and play along. They're giving away a fabulous book! Here's closeups of my canvas. (I think I was a bit inspired with this canvas by some Kawaii sticker tape I received this week! lol) It's already listed in my ETSY shop. Both my shops have lots of new items.


Anonymous said...

i love the pink cards, it's so fetching!

Tacoma florist

Sylvia C. said...

Great blog. So bright and colorful!

See you soon!

Sylvia C.

HareAndDrum said...

Hi, my Metsy friend! I envy you those tissues. And the Eiffel Tower box is to die for.

hareanddrum on etsy

Kristin Michelle said...

so proud of you for making something so pink and pretty!

ArtyEm said...

I love that you share all these things! so much to be inspired by.
thanks so much, I need to get altering. . . .