Sunday, March 16, 2008

WINNER, KCEtsy Team, Book Club & Creative Therapy

(DD, at birthday party today. It's so hard to wait for cake and ice cream time.)

Hello all. Yes, I've been quiet this week. Don't know why. Well, maybe not quiet, but not a lot of art. Just too busy with kids' homeschool, headaches (you know how those go) and other things. Looking forward to a busy art week. This will be a hodgepodge post so if you hate those don't look. *wink*

WINNER: Let's just get to this right away, k? Of course I'm a day late and a dollar short as the saying goes. I always have trouble getting on the computer on the weekends. So today I'm announcing the winner. It's funny, I went over to the winner's blog to tell her, and her March 11th post talked about me! Isn't that so fortuitous?! WENDY is our winner. Congrats Wendy. Send me your mailing address and I'll get the pin out to you this week, when I go to the post office with the other 500+ who knows how many things I need to mail. I'm so behind.

KCEtsy Team: On Etsy, you can join groups pertaining to your interests. I joined a local group that is very active and went to my first meeting in person on Friday night. The ladies were super nice, all extremely talented, and so personable. They enveloped DD and I into the group without a misstep. You should see all their work. So inspiring. Go see the website, buy from them. It's always good to buy handmade.

(Pics of handmade business cards I took to the meeting. I love using up scraps!)

Avant Garde JA Book Club: We've added 4 more people to our little group so far. My mom, both SILs and Fran posted that she wanted to play too! It's going to be fun! I will be posting a subsequent post with detailed information for our new group. Stay tuned. We would love anyone who still wants to participate, to join us. We're starting with Emma and you're not late. I'm on page 5. There is no cut off date.

Creative Therapy: I'm excited and a little scared about this new endeavor. As most who know me know, I don't work in traditional ways and I don't like to be told what to do! lol However, I'm extremely honored to be invited to join the new Creative Therapy Team where each week several from the team with do art pertaining to a question/idea. Kind of a mini therapy session for free! I'm not a scrapbooker anymore and I have never wrapped my brain around doing art journals. I always feel like I would have to have something 'important' to say in a journal. With these weekly challenges, we're opening up the brain, and dumping all thoughts/feelings and/or emotions out for the topic. It can be very theraputic. But if you're like me, and don't scrapbook or journal, you can interpret the topic any ole' way you feel like it. Draw, paint, sew, collage, stamp, assemble, whatever. Really, whatever embodies what the weekly topic means to you. I encourage you to go to the new website, try a weekly theme, see how it makes you feel. You just might discover its groundbreaking capabilities for your life... Go. Look. Be Creative.

(Highlights from this week: #1-worm found/sign of spring, #2-Clemie's new coat, the rest: pics of nephew's birthday party & fam get together)



i adooore your house business cards. they are heavenly.

Anonymous said...

your business cards are sooo cute...but I am still waiting for you to come and clean my art room LOL


Wendy said...

Woo hoo! I can't believe I won! I never win and I'm totally excited to have something from someone so talented :) I love the little house cards too! Thanks for the pin!

Ann Christine Dennison said...

Very original business cards ... love them!