Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring & New Project

Can you feel spring where you live? I can't but I know its coming. Even though its bitter cold out, when I take the pup outside I see buds forming on the bushes. I see new ivy pushing its way up through the cold ground. I see an ice cream truck. .. WHAT?! Yep, that's just what rolled by the house. I was like, no seriously! What? The kids were screaming for ice cream (I said 'chill and eat the cake I just made you!' ) and I couldn't figure out why he would be out. It's like 25 degrees! But wait, it's spring break for the public school kids. So see? Signs of spring no matter how wacky, are here.

I think I'm getting into spring cleaning mood. We swept the kitchen floor today. I call that some spring cleaning. Just kidding. I pulled out several things I made a while ago and went ahead and listed them on Etsy. I figure, if they're just going to sit around and don't go with my decor, why have them? I can't bear to throw anything way (sorry, DH) so off to etsy they go.

I talked about my new project a couple posts back and now I can share. I opened a new Etsy store. I know, I've been all about 'Etsy' lately but I'm trying to get rid of stuff in the art room plus need to pay for children's camps and mission trips this summer so I've stepped up my listing. Anyway, I finally got around to building some Collage Sheets of Vintage Images I own and have listed them in a new store. www.CollageCuriosities.etsy.com. I will continue to put sheets and other supplies in this new store. If you're needing something, let me know, I just might have it. This week I'm adding vintage music sheets, wallpaper, and I think I have trims ready to list. Oh, and a couple more sheets. Having an opening special, 3 collage sheets for $10.

Back to my spring thought, I'm so ready for it to come (minus the tornadoes of course.) Here's some pics from last year's springtime. (The last 2 pics are 'unfortunately' from mom's trip to Staniel Cay, not mine.)


Femmy said...

your latest artwork is fabulous!!! love it1

Anonymous said...

wow...look at all these awesome pics. Of course all of your art looks wonderful. Love the pics of springtime. The two bottom ones are gorgeous.

Had to come by and wish you and your family a Happy Easter. Later :)