Thursday, April 17, 2008

Week of Discovery...

Flapper Girl Fingernest Ring
(Flapper Girl Ring)

How has your week been? Lots of things have been going on here.

I've been creating things. Creating things away from my artroom because I'm unwilling to clean it right now. Just not in the mood. Don't you have to be in the mood for difficult things like that?! While watching TV this week, I sewed 7 more Fingernests. I love these little things and I have a new idea I'm going to try over the weekend.

(Wonderful photography by my DD. Plus the sun cooperated with her while she took the pics.)

Purple People Eater Fingernest Ring Eleanor Ring Be Fingernest Ring
Purple People Ringer.......................Eleanor Ring Be

Lady Madonna Fingernest Ring Ladies Garden Club Fingernest Ring
Lady Madonna...............................Goin' To A Garden Party

A-Blinga-Ringa Fingernest Ring Strawberry Fields Forever Fingernest Ring
A-Blinga-Ringa............................Strawberry Fields Forever

This week we've tackled the closets (2) and the garage. Took stuff to the clothing drop and the thrift store. Rest is getting CraigsListed (is that a verb?!) We're debating if we want to move but in the meantime working towards cleaning up and clearing out. Must be the spring cleaning bug has bit us. We heard that a big huge 'company' has bought land nearby and is building a huge 120 acre thing there. People will be moving into the area to work. They'll need housing. We just heard this today. Before, we were just wanting to move but didn't know if we're supposed to, maybe this is part of our answer to do so. We'll see what the next coming weeks and months hold. Only God knows...

Dd was accepted to be a volunteer church camp worker this summer. She'll be gone 3 1/2 weeks, different weeks for that. Meshed in between will be a week of teen camp, a week volunteering at her sister's camp week and then 10 days on a mission trip to Mexico. I fear I will never see her. We want to fit a week of vacation in there somewhere, not sure how yet since DH isn't supposed to take any vacation when August rolls around. Plus for a loving but overprotective mom, letting my 15 yr old loose for the whole summer is a little nerve jarring. How do parents of teenagers let go and hope they've trained them right. I just don't know...

This week I've focused on networking. It's not that I want to build some big conglomerate or anything, I just like to make stuff, some of it I want to sell. So I'm networking, linking and hopefully I'll sell some of my things listed on Etsy. Every little dollar helps. If you're more a MySpace person, you can see all my blog posts there as well. My Space.

I sold one of my fingernests this week, one of my favs too (Lady Madonna). Did I mention I keep naming them with song names or a play on song lyrics?! lol For some reason it just seems right. So needless to say, I've been singing a lot of Beatles and such this week.

I was reading Jennifer's myspace and heard about Twitter. At first, as her sister mentioned, it seems a little stalkerish. But the more I read on it and joined and all, you can set settings so only people you want to see your posts, see your posts. It's kind of cool and a new way to network. If only I could get my cell phone sync'd up with it, I'd be golden. Still working on that. Then I can post from wherever I'm at. (yeah right, like I go anywhere... lol)

Although, tomorrow night I am heading to my friend Rhonda's house. I'm in her Stamp club and we have our monthly meeting. She's started a new blog. It would be wonderful if you could pop over and give her some love aka: comments. You should see the adorable paper topiary she made. I want one! I hope she teaches a class on that soon!

Next Thursday I'm going to a play with friends (Trisha, you still coming?) The Gees Bend Quilts Play. Have you read about or seen the Gees Bend exhibit traveling the country? My parents saw the museum display while in Atlanta last year and just raved about it. The play is about the quilts but delves more into the life and times of the women who made them long ago. If you're in the Kansas City area, you should go see it. It is at the Kansas City Repertory Theatre.

Homeschool is going smoothly but we're ready for summer as I've said a million times. I think Trisha sums up my feelings right now about homeschool here.

I won a treasury spot on Etsy today. It features other people's creations with Vintage Buttons. It's so much eyecandy its overwhelming! Go look. You'll see what I mean. Click on each pic in the treasury, it moves my treasury up in the standings.
Lastly, I was featured on a blog today, which was super nice of her! Look here.

Gosh, I can talk can't I?! I didn't know I had so much to impart! Well, maybe I'll be quiet for awhile now. Who knows... I doubt it. lol


Angela Harris said...

Congrats on all of your accomplishments this week. I'm not focusing on what you Didn't get done. I only see what you do get done. And it's ALOT! :) Love your "fingernests" perfect name for them!

ThePeachTree said...

What a busy week! I must say, the grass in your photos has really woken me up for spring :)

TheTatums said...


Those rings are gorgeous! Come by my blog when you can, I've given you an award!


trisha too said...

Take a deep breath--the end of the year smack upside the head is just a temporary frustration, and then it's a motivation, so that's the good news.

Look, don't think I forgot what you said last night. I embrace all colors, so knock yourself out, and I will proudly wear it Thursday.

What the heck 120 acre thing are you talking aboot?

Go look at --
you'd fit right in! :)

trisha too said...

Okay, fine, it's .

And just so you know, I told about your fingernests.

Because that's how I roll.

I'm going to bed.

TheTatums said...


Forgot I was going to tell you, when my dd was 15 she went off to Africa for 8 weeks on a summer mission trip! That was hard. Trips ever since have been much easier.


Crafty Chica said...

love the nest rings, so happy to have found you!!! i just subscribed!!!