Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hobby Vs. Life's Work (Artist Label)

Boy! It's been as quiet as a tomb around here! I haven't seen many comments or visits. But then again, I know I haven't had time to go visit the 75+ blogs I have in my Feed to keep up with. But summer is near! I can feel it! Everyday just about, the kids usually end up outside 'doing their school' but I see them running around with the dog, taking pictures (oldest), building a house out of boxes and sticks for the bunny (youngest) and getting muddy. It's not even wonderful out. It's been 50s this week but the kids don't care. They have the I'm-done-with-school bug. I have to barter my way through things it seems. 'Do your English and Math and you can go out and swing.' Did you know homeschool was a barter system? lol It is when spring fever is upon us. I'm just crossing fingers we get all our work done by the end of next month and don't have to catch up on anything in the summer.

I've been working on a few things this week, inbetween grading tests/schoolwork and cleaning my desk (yes, Kersten, cleaning again.) Packing up orders for Etsy too. Packing isn't the fun part, let me tell ya, making stuff is. But I worked on these today, can you guess what they'll become? I have all these ideas in my head, sewing projects, accessories, and even some thoughts to try pottery. A friend owns a kiln and now there is a new shop up on Main Street 2 blocks from me called ThePottersHand. DH says they are going to start classes in the spring. I've been wanting to try making Raku Ware/Pottery and Bisque pieces to be glazed that I read about on E. Beck's blog. Sounded intriguing (she also mentioned using red oxide glaze. Sounds pretty!) I don't know, I want to try it all.

DH and I had this discussion the other day. We were talking about a piece of art I made and I got the usual 'oh, its nice' from him. I got a bit ornery and said he didn't care. He said he just doesn't see the importance of art all the time since its not HIS idea of fun but sees that its important to me. I told him. If I could, I would do art 24/7. In fact, when the kids are off to college, I hope to do art all day long. I think I shocked him a bit. I asked 'what? You thought I was just going to run back to a job? I hate working for other people. I don't play well with others and I run with scissors. lol' I think its the whole hobby vs. life's work that he doesn't get. DD even mentioned today that its a hobby unless you get paid for it. Not sure I believe that. I tried to tell her about that artist that was called an artist/painter and didn't even sell any paintings until after he died. Of course I couldn't come up with his name during the discussion so my argument sounded not as strong. Is it Dega? Van Gogh? Anyway... Have you had these discussions? What do you think? I don't really care if its an obsessed hobby of mine or my life. I know I don't like to go too many days without being creative. I start to feel disconnected. I NEED it. How about you. What are your thoughts on art as a hobby/lifes work?

Any fabulous weekend plans? I wish I could head back to Tassos again, makes my mouth water just to think on it but that probably won't happen. On Saturday I'm running off with the quilting group from church on the church bus to visit 6-7 local quilting stores having sales and events, classes and such. Should be fun. Gonna be with mom and some of our friends so it should be good. Only way it could be any better is if we were hitting area thrift stores too! lol

The rest of this post is purely for family. Recent and Easter pics too. The picture above is of me and mom (I'm wearing my favorite necklace from
JessicaJane.) So if you wondered what I looked like, there you go...

We went to see Horton Hears a Who. Sophia dressed up for the movie. A pic of the movie with my new cell phone. And Horton Who pancakes at IHOP after the movie. lol

Clemie all dolled up, washed and sporting new barrettes in her pretty hair. Yes, she is spoiled. So what?

DH shaved off his mustache so we gave him a blue tape one just in case he missed his.

Easter Egg dyeing pictures of the girls. (Dyes are color coded to the cups by dd.)

Dad at Easter Breakfast at church. With his captain's hat on of course. Don't usually see that big a smile on him. Great pic.

Easter Day at mom and dads. Apparently that's a rare sighting of my brother 'working' in a kitchen. Kelly, you might wanna frame that one. lol The popping toy was a popular one apparently...


Kersten said...

Kris, you are a cleaning GODDESS! Hope you're finding treasures to add to your spontaneous bursts of glorious art. I think I could sit around and pick away at artwork 24/7, too. I've been working on shrines all week for a swap I'm in. What are some good online spots to find good French ephemera in aqua? :)

What fun family pics you have posted. We took Rie to see the Horton movie and she loved it - her first movie in a theater! Bruce and I had date night last Friday night, too. We met friends for dinner and a couple of pints at a local bar. Yum. Good food and company.

How is your reading of Emma?

Bruce is working on Altered Gypsy as I type...

Contessa Kris said...

Nope, not a cleaning goddess, just a messy contessa. Therefore I HAVE to clean just to walk through, not to mention have any room to DO art. It's a necessary evil...

Happy House Quilts said...

fun stuff!!! Happy to find you and the other link at your flickr site about the cool!
thanks for sharing!
a fellow etsymom

Chriss Rollins said...

hello Kris,
BIG THANX have just received your fab atc you were kind enough to donate to a good home.. the one on the right posted on the Wednesday, March 05... i will always love her and treasure her.
I am adding you to my fave places to visit.
and as Arnie said I'll be back!!
have a good weekend
chriss x

Anonymous said...

Love seeing all the family pics and those pancakes look sooo good :)

e. beck said...

art, job, passion, hobby?
hard questions ..... when my youngest went to school full time i briefly considered a full time job .... but figured out it was better for my family AND me to go with a less traditional job ..... and i decided to become a full time artist .... and i did, and i am ..... i collage and paint and sell my work ..... i make some money, not a ton, but i suspect i'll do a bit better every year ... i'm trying hard to go about it in a professional manner, putting in the hours, doing the non art work that goes with it too ..... and i do pottery as my hobby ..... it's an interesting thing being an artist!