Thursday, August 14, 2008

Color Psychology Challenge

There is a certain psychology about color and how it attracts the eyes. Studies show that colors provoke specific feelings. For example:

Red - makes you feel romantic, in love, powerful
Pink - is playful, delicate & sweet
Yellow - is a happy color, joyful, makes you smile
Blue - makes you feel strong, peaceful, intelligent
Green - is the color of health, harmony, growth
Orange - has energy, a feeling for change
Purple - is royal, sacred
Turquoise - is very feminine, sophisticated and retro
Black - is more formal, bold, associated with mystery & death
Brown - is wholesome, friendly, earthy
White - feels innocent and pure, soft

Women tend to like blue, green turquoise, purple, pink and lavender.
Men lean towards blue, green and black.

Have you ever seen an art journal, scrapbook page or painting that just 'called' to you? Unique color combinations can send you to the studio to create with a frenzy. I was cutting pages out of an old Reader's Digest that I'm altering for an Altered Pages kit and several of the color combos make me want to mix paints and play.

So this got me to thinking. What's my favorite color combo? What's yours? My favorite color is green. But I think lately I'm stuck on an aqua, burnt orange and cranberry combo. I tend to play with those a lot. But then aqua, olive green and chocolate call to me too. Really I'll use whatever colors, I'm just happy to feel inspired again.

So today, I'm in the mood to create AND give a few things away. Are you game? I have a challenge for you. Create a piece using one of the color combos in these pictures (or use one of my 2 favorite combos) to create a piece of art. If none of these combos speak to you, pick 3 colors and create something unique!
1 -Put the challenge button below on your blog (right click, save pic as)
2 - Share your creation on your blog & link to my site
3 - Come back and tell me you've completed the challenge
Complete these steps and your name will go in the drawing 3x for one of the prizes shown.

I'll draw winners on September 3rd from those who participate (to give you time to create thru the USA Labor day holiday.) It's a fun challenge, a random drawing, you can't go wrong!

** A huge pile of sticker sheets, some sticker separates, unopened packages (I have 2 of these available.) Probably about 20 sheets in each prize. Not all have all their letters or stickers but most do. I just have so many, its time to weed out.

** 2 bottles of Tim Holtz Crackle paint in Aqua and Green. I think I opened them, looked at them but never used them. They have built in brushes inside. I'll include some foam brushes as well.

** I'm giving away 3 downloadable collage sheets from my Etsy Supplies Store, your choice.

** If we have lots of participants, I will give away a piece of jewelry from my Etsy Store. What would you like to wear?

** If we have tons of participants, I just might give away the project I'm working on for Altered Pages. You'll like it, I swear.

Some color links:
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I hope you'll share this challenge with your friends! The more the merrier!


Lucy Edson said...

Great challenge idea, Kris! I love color and the feelings that it invokes! I have been on an orange and blue streak lately! :)

Micki said...

Neat idea Kris. Have to say that jewel tones are still my fave.

Lucy said...

Great challenge--I might try a brand new color combo for your contest. Sounds like fun, I'd love to win!!!

Kersten said...

Does my blog banner count, dearie? Bruce and I have been working on one today - it's blue (sapphire and aqua) and orange with black ravens and text.

Sabii Wabii said...

ok ...I'm hoping I can get my act together and do this....What sold me was the cool blog button!
I'm doing a drawing too...cheeck it out!