Friday, August 15, 2008

Feature Friday!

I've been finding all sorts of Etsy sellers I'm in love with lately and I can't keep the information to myself anymore. So I'm going to try to keep up with a designated 'Feature Friday' every week. Won't that be fun?!

I have to tell you about this lady from Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. FANCY PICNIC. She found me through blog catalog a couple weeks back and I'd visited her blog and such. She makes beautiful things. This week I went to her Etsy store and I had to pick myself up on the floor. I'm in heaven. No seriously. She is making things I WISH I could make. Think of all the fabric I could use up if I was as brave as her. Her latest piece includes experimental machine embroidery. I haven't seen it end up in her store yet but we could beg her yeah?! (Its the one to the left w/the heart seen on her blog.)

Her Etsy store is so bright and colorful, really inspiring. I think my favorites have to be the pieces below (available in her store.) I think what attracts me the most are the color combinations, the use of exquisite beads and buttons, vintage laces and what looks like velvets. So yum. I'm excited to see what she comes up with next, especially now that she is using the embroidery. It adds that final touch. Go buy some. Seriously. You won't be sorry.

If you're a family member of mine, I adore the red earrings below. My birthday is in 7 weeks! lol

Do you have any favorite Etsy stores to share or have one of your own? I'd love to take a gander. You never know I might feature you!


Sherry said...

I love finding new etsy sellers too - I've been blogging about this a bit over the last month...and you can check me out at

Your work is beautiful by the way!

trisha too said...

these things are so rich!

i want to rub them on my face,

and then put them in my pocket,

or at least on my person.

'fancypicnic' said...

Oh my gosh! I've just had to pick myself up off the floor! Thank you SO much for this amazing feature - I'm quite taken aback!! You've said such lovely things...thank you xx!

I read your comment you left for me the other day, and I've been investigating the Sew Somerset magazine...I will be in touch...

It's a lovely, lovely feature - thank you again.

artisticdiva said...

These are gorgeous! I, too, wish I could do more with fabric. I'm such a tactile person and love the feel of fabric, but working that sewing machine gets in the way!

Lucy Edson said...

What incredible pieces!! TFS!

Lily said...

Holy cow, I am speechless. Just gorgeous

Lucy said...

Lovely feature and incredible etsy store! Thanks for introducing us to this artist :)

If you are in need of other shops--feel free to write up mine ;)

Sweet Repeats Studio Shoppe