Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lotta Fabric Stenciling

Our homeschool days consist of 4 good days of schooling and then only 3 1/2 hours of school on Fridays (which includes 2 hours of art.) This is so I can do projects with the kids that I want to do, not just lessons out of their art books (see my homeschool blog for more on our homeschool curriculum used.)

This past Friday we stencil painted on fabric. Lotta Jansdotter's book Lotta Prints showed up at the library for me finally and I love it all!
(By the way, she has a few youtube videos. I found out about her when someone twittered about the yam video.)
Stencils & Yams
Studio Tour
more of her books
We copied and cut out a couple of the patterns she provides in the back of the book and got to work. The fabric paints were made using acrylic paints and a textile medium. After the projects were complete, we heat set them using an iron.

I used the tree leafy stencil.

I sewed into a pillow for my bed with some brown fringe.

DD used the tree branch stencil.

She sewed it up into a pillow as well, adding ribbon from my massive stash. Isn't it cute?! Doesn't match a thing in her room but oh well.

Little dd made dollhouse furniture instead.

After our project time was over, I couldn't stop. I sat down and made several stencils of my own. I'm also coming up with a few ideas for Christmas gifts and things to sell in the Etsy shop. The Christmas trees are patterned after 1950's Christmas cards.

Here you can see closeups of the details. After the stenciled pieces and scraps were dry, I added detail with sharpies. (sorry about the inside pics, they were taken at night.)

We had the best time with this project. I anticipate much more of this type of play.


Irish Coffeehouse said...

That looks awesome and seems like a ton of fun! :)

trisha too said...

that looks FUN.

great colors!

Lily said...

What a wonderful. fun project!

Femmy said...

beautiful work!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is so cool. Love the ones with the trees :)

artbeth67 said...

This definitely looks like a lot of fun! :) Great job!

Kerry said...

I love these thing! It is all so cute!