Friday, September 05, 2008

Feature Friday!

Well, no Feature Friday was done last week. I guess the world didn't come to an end.

2 week's ago, we did the fabric painting homeschool art project. It inspired me to go looking for other fabric painters. Many use a Gocco machine or commercial screenprinting apparatus. I also found several that hand paint or 'hand print' (some from stencils, others from carved stamps) like we did. Here is a favorite handprinting Etsy seller of mine:

Art Store
Prints of her Art Store

Hand printed Fabric

She also prints gorgeous ribbon you can use in your next project!

Not only does she paint the fabric/ribbon, she makes jewelry, toys, wall ornaments, lavender sachets, tea towels and more!

She has 2 stores actually; her regular art shop, prints of her art and a blog! I can see I'll be running to her store for some Christmas gifts!


Lily said...

very cool and funky. I love your feature fridays and was very put out last week!

Patti said...

Love the fun 'home' stuff!

I received an "I Love Your Blog" from Karin at Beyond Words, and in keeping with the idea of spreading the gratitude, I've tagged you! Visit my blog and you'll see yours listed, along with the logo for the award, which you can grab if you wish.
take care!