Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's My Party!

My birthday is October 6th, 2 weeks from Monday. I'll be 30 something or other. I have a fun event/idea to share with you , but first I'll share some of my favorite birthday memories.

12th - My father took me out for my first father-daughter date. We went to a steak place and I remember being served my food and given a sharp steak knife to cut with. For some reason I remember that so clearly like I didn't usually use sharp knives! lol

16th - This was one of my favorite birthday celebrations. My father was a minister in NY. We invited everyone I knew to a party in the church's fellowship hall. 65 teenagers came! We made pizzas, decorated cookies, there were 'stations' around the room of things to do. Bob for actual goldfish, pass the lifesaver on a toothpick, that marshmallow game that Ellen plays on her show, Twister & other games. It was a phenomenal party and the cops were only called once (by the neighbors for our shaving cream fight outside.) I rec'd 16 care bears that year as gifts, and it was the first time my boyfriend kissed me (not my first kiss but...)

20th - This birthday we were stationed in the California desert for DH's Marine Corps training. A group of us decided to make a weekend of it and head off to Palm Springs. We stayed in a hotel there, ate at a wonderful italian restaurant and checked out the schmancy stores in the area the next day.

24th - I have video of this small party. DH was again stationed in the California desert and we had close friends over for a little to-do. It was my first year as a mom to little Alexandria. I miss those friends and wish I knew where they all are now.

26th - Mom and I went away for the weekend to St. Charles, just outside St. Louis. We had the best time shopping in little antique, food and thrift stores. We keep saying we're going to do it again soon.

There have been many wonderful birthday celebrations since, most consist of DH and I going out to dinner and a movie. Quality time alone. We don't go out together often because of the children. Not sure what our plans are for this birthday. We usually have a combined party with my mom and sister in law since we share October birthdays. DH and I might go out to this restaurant for breakfast, that was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (yes, we're Food Network junkies! lol)

My Idea: Because I like birthdays and I like to give away things; I'm thinking... Starting Monday (Sept. 22nd) I will be posting an item/items each weekday to give away, so you can celebrate my birthday with me! Just leave a post on each gift you would like to win! Winners will be announced on my birthday and maybe some other surprises.

Don't forget to check back each day! It will be fun! There will also be fun birthday-ish ideas like tutorials, party planning and fun recipes (not to mention regular posts of art projects etc that I normally post.) I'll even share my favorite cake idea! (Feel free to share this on your blog so others may join us too! You will get an extra entry for the drawing of your choice for sharing this on your blog. Just let me know in one of your comments.)

What has been your favorite (or what would be your ideal) birthday celebration?

(NOTE: There will be 10 subsequent posts with giveaways for my birthday celebration. Don't forget to sign up for EACH post's prizes.)


Sherry said...

What a fun idea and a novel way to celebrate your birthday!! Memories of favourite celebrations make us feel "young at heart" -- which is course we always are!

CreativeFlutter said...

My birthday is the 9th and I'm thirty-something too!!!! What a cool way to celebrate. HMM now you've got me thinking. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

My best memory was when DH surprised me on my 29th birthday. I was dreading turning 29 because it was one more year till 30 and he asked who I would want to spend my birthday with. I listed my friends and some of them were from out of town and I thought it would be sweet to be with them on my birthday. Well I guess I named everyone off the list who was going to be at my party and he thought I had guessed it. I was sooooo surprised. My hubby and friends even my out of town ones planned a French themed dinner party for my 29th birthday. I almost showed up in my pj's! LOL It was great! By the time I turned 30 I didn't care anymore! :)

Kersten said...

My best birthday memory was when Bruce was teaching in Juneau and I was 600 miles north in Kenai. I had planned a weekend in Juneau for my bday, but when I flew in, Bruce told me not to unpack. We took a small plane out the next morning to my very favorite Alaskan town, Haines, to take in the yearly congregation of bald eagles on the river. It was cold and snowy and we stayed in a beautiful B&B. It was quite the birthday. :)

And look at you Kris, giving AWAY goodies for your bday. You're so giving and kind. May your bday this year be just as memorable as those you mentioned.

Angela Harris said...

That's so cool you remember your favorite birthdays. I can't really remeber any of mine. I think if I saw pictures I might. Happy Birthday in 2 weeks. I'll be playing along. Are you kidding! you can never have enough trims. Aren't you using them? Are are you hoarding them like I do? Ha :) Good talking to ou again. I'll be back for your birhtday bash!

cpullum said...

Disneyland!!!! And Dinner at the Rainforest cafe after!! Then stop by ESPN Zone for games!! That would be the perfect birthay and let me add family has to be there!

Lily said...

ooo, I love how you think!

Lily said...

left a little something for you on my blog

Irish Coffeehouse said...

I told my dh effective this year I would not be acknowledging birthdays unless everyone accepted that I will forever be 30. lol

How exciting! And I love how you are celebrating it with others!

About those friends... well, with the gracious tool of the internet I say it's time to find them! It could be your birthday present to yourself!

LisaLaughs said...

What a fun idea!! Hmmm, my favorite birthday was the "surprize" party for my 30th birthday. I found out about it the day before the party so I helped decorate for it. It was still alot of fun!!

Angela Harris said...

I just gave you an award. For your blogging lovliness:) Come visit when you can. Hope your having a wonderful weekend!
Angela Harris

Tina C said...

Have a happy birthday and looking forward to your daily offerings...sending happy wishes...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday !!!!!