Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fabric Book Covers

I'm becoming one with my sewing machine apparently.

A while back I read this fun article in Sew Somerset (Summer 2008 issue), a magazine I had been craving for months (finally bought it.) The artist Roxanne Padgett was tired of not having her art supplies with her at all times and decided to make a cute art-studio-on-the-go.

It inspired me to make something for my daughter. A book cover for homeschool. The cover is layered fabric. The inside has a pocket for pencils/pens. Surprisingly I did not have any polka dot fabric or purple fabric for that matter (my dd wanted some purple in it), so I painted polka dots with acrylic paint/textile medium mix onto yellow fabric.

Stay tuned to the Collage Contessa Etsy Shop over the coming weeks. Now that school is running smoothly, the shop will be collecting the fruits of my labors. Including more book covers I'm working on. If you're interested in a custom cover, holler with your color choices and I'll get you a price and time frame it will be ready. Great Christmas gift.


Lily said...

Love this. Very fun and folksy looking. I love that youa dded the color you needed

Rhonda Langley said...

Lots of color!!! The butterfly fabric is great as is the satiny pink! Purple polka dots make it perfect!