Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Plucky Painted Pumpkin

Someone twittered about a new tutorial for creating a fabric pumpkin. I had just bought muslin fabric the night before. So while the kids worked on their math, I painted panels for the pumpkin and pulled out scraps to use as well. After painting (acrylic paint mixed with textile medium) and cutting, I sewed swirls and lines on the pieces for added texture.

The stem is a bit different from the instructions because I can't find my supply of felt.
I think the fabric I used is the same as what was used to make the pillows my mom gave me for my birthday one year (she bought them at a store.) DD thought I cut up the pillow! lol

I think it turned out cute. I might make a bigger and a small one to have a grouping of them for the Thanksgiving table.

Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial
It's originally from this blog: Schlosser Designs


Sherry said...

How adorable is this?!? I love the stem and how it curls over!! And I love that your DD thought you had cut up the pillow to make this!! ;O

Lily said...

too cute! I love how twitter is now a verb

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Rhonda Langley said...

Very nice pumpkin!! Love your fabric creations!!