Thursday, September 11, 2008

Slightly-Wordy Thursday Post

It's one of those days. Overcast. Dreary. Although Thursdays happen to be my favorite days (don't ask me to explain my nonsense logic that they're green days, and that's my favorite color...), there's something to be said for dark comfy days spent in the house. All I feel like doing is curling up by a fire and reading books. Or in today's case, catching up on emails, twitter posts, blog visits, surfing etsy and uploading pics to flickr. I was reading! It was just on the internet.

(For those wondering 'isn't she homeschooling today?' Yeah, I am. It's just a day of self led school really. Little one has been reading books all morning on pioneers/gold rush/westward expansion and doing some beadwork like she saw in a book on an indian headband. Teen has been working in her textbooks. Right now they're working together finishing up a dress they started the other day (for their art.) It's a smooth day for now with only math & spelling to finish up.)

Anyway, my reason for blogging is I'm frustrated with my time management. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. I've really had most the morning to myself except for the occasional check in with the kids, check some work, make sure they're doing what they're supposed to, making breakfast/lunch. I could have done so much! Think of the art I could have produced! The rooms I could clean/laundry to fold, art room to organize. I really need to get my priorities in check. I'm thinking of making myself a little schedule. It should be flexible so we can do school but when I have open time, I have things scheduled to do. I'm not one for too much scheduling so we'll see how it goes. I have so much I want to accomplish in life but never get to it. How do other people organize their time?

Anyone wanna share what they do to stay on track with house, family AND art time? I'm dying to know.

P.S. Update. I had to share. Via a friend on Twitter, I learned of a color test to see what is the best job for you.
Career Test
They gave me two career recommendations, the first was that I should be an ORGANIZER! I had to crack up. The second was a Social Manager. They don't know I'm a self-proclaimed hermit. lol I will admit that the descriptions sound like me, when I work outside the home. Inside the home is a different story. Hmmm. I need to think on that and why I'm different here.

UPDATE: Today (9/15/08) I came across this blog post that sounds like exactly what I need. You can go here to download it easily.


'fancypicnic' said...

Schedule??! Crumbs!How very Organisey/managery of you!!

I've an award for you over at my place...for being such a good read - and I love your work. Obviously!! xx

e.beck.artist said...

i'm a list maker ... and work my way through a list ... and i have ART on my list ... and BLOG on my list .. and start five canvases ....and finish nest painting .... right next to go to the bank, do the laundry, phone calls, appointments, exercise ..... make art a priority, not a choice that you just do when you have the time .... good luck! i get it!