Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Birthday Celebration #6

(projects by Martha Stewart.com)

Whew! The week is just flying by. Due to complications with dd's tonsillectomy, we haven't been getting any sleep the last 2 nights. I didn't have a chance to get on here yesterday and post. Hoping the teen will continue healing now so I can sleep finally.

Today's post is all about paper. My sister-in-law's baby shower was on Saturday and I tried not to be a complete paper hog but you should have seen some of the beautiful wrappings and trappings the presents came in. I did manage to bring home some shimmery confections and polka-dotted tissue papers, perfect for working in my next collage.

I do have a thing for paper. Doesn't matter what type of paper it is. Have you ever petted paper? I have. New scrapbooking papers, old book pages, colorful foreign newspapers all catch my eye and ideas just flow through my head. What does this have to do with our birthday celebration? Paper is involved in many parts of a birthday so today we'll discuss gift wrapping & gift tags.

I'm a gift wrapper. I do use the occasional gift bags but really find the process of matching papers and the creasing, folding, taping to be fun and therapeutic in some ways. I will admit I'm lazy when it comes to gift tags. I usually just slap on a sticker and write the name on it. What do you do?

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Martha Stewarts Gift Wrapping (seen above)

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Speaking of paper, today's gifts are all about the paper. (pictures will be forthcoming as soon as I take them.)

1 - A mix of papers to use in your art work. Wallpaper, tissue paper, vintage wrapping paper, napkins, book pages, dictionary pages, foreign text pages.

2 - A mix of paper scraps; handmade, painted, scrapbook, stamped and cardstock papers.

3 - A pile of unique and plain gift tags you can personal and decorate! I'll also include some watercolored scraps you can use for tags as well.

To win one of these prizes, please leave a comment and tell me a favorite gift wrapping idea you've done or seen or gift tags you like to make. ** Earn an extra 5 chances to win by joining my email notification system (Feedblitz in the right column) and then comment on the post you want your extra chances put in for you. **

(NOTE: There are 10 posts with giveaways for my birthday celebration. Don't forget to sign up for EACH post's prizes.)


Patti said...

I'm a sucker for paper too - can't toss it! And these days it pays to reuse - you go girl.

Patti said...

p.s. sorry, didn't finish the first time.

i like to stamp and embellish paper bags with handles and use fibers and strands of ribbon, with a dangling chipboard letter or tag, to dress up the package.

Monique said...

I like to tie the theme of the paper to the gift. Fishing lures = gift paper with fish. Bottle of wine = gift paper with grapes. I also like to add a little extra gift on the outside--sometimes a small gift certificate.

I have joined your email notification system. Please add my extra chances. Thanks!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Love using foil paper


Anonymous said...

I try and wrap my presents in the same way so that they are recognizable when placed onto the gift table.. I almost always use plain brown paper and a beautiful ribbon...I did have the fortune of fondling super fancy ribbon at Paper Source...ideas for making my own are perkolating...

Joan said...

Hi Contessa
love reading your blog and have just signed up for the email via feedblitz.
I recently made a journal for a friend and wrapped it in a delicious piece of fabric tied with ribbon, as she loves her textiles.
Joan : )

Joan said...

forgot to say that I am also a paper freak and have been known to stroke the odd piece of paper or two - there is just something about it
joan : 0

Lily said...

I love paper also, and yes, I have been known to fondle a sample or two when noone's looking. I also lke to wrap also. Just love to get those corners just right!

could you sen me a link to the blogger pager with my incorrect addy. I checked and couldn't find it. Thanks!

Mcmuffy said...

At Christmas I use a mix of paper and gift bags. I enjoy wrapping when there isn't a ton of gifts to do. I love to use whimsical bags when I can find them. I've also used fabric to wrap gifts.

Sherry Goodloe said...

I've petted my papers as well! *smiles*

Kristin Michelle said...

i am kinda a mean wrapper!
i like to make gifts that would be obvious (like a cd or dvd) and wrap it so it is not so obvious, like wrapping it than putting it in a bigger box, and repeating that 2, 3, maybe 4 times!
i also like to put so much tape on the package that they cant find away to get it open (this is usually reserved for my siblings)!

trisha too said...

We like to stamp, or draw on, or paint our own paper.