Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Inspired by Books Project - Altered Pages

I've completed another project with the fabulous collage sheets from Altered Pages. (You can purchase my most recent kits of postcards and plaques in the kits section of the site.)

I designed these items for one of the bigger monthly kits. It's a little different from what I normally create but I've been inspired by the wonderful book related sheets she sells. Jane Austen Paper Dolls, Edgar Allen Poe, Antique Book Covers, & a few other sheets that will be out when the kit is released.

Update: Kit can be found HER

This is a combo fabric and paper book, made of woven fabric, vintage sheet music, book pages, graph paper and more. I sewed, drew with pastels, colored pencils and gel pens. Sharpies also appeared. I painted, glittered, sewed on fabric strips, paper, lace & ric rac and also handsewed little beads. I wrote in my own handwriting, not sure if I like that part but it adds to the character. It's by no means perfect in design or even shape but I like it.

This piece is all paper. I used notebook paper graph, receipt and book pages. The cover is made with inks, paper and oil pastels. It's a great little book for keeping track of the books you read during the year.

The bookmark uses an image of Edgar Allan Poe, with a stamped crow/raven on his head. Alluding to his 'The Raven' poem where the bird says 'Nevermore!' many times.

The wood pieces I started with the idea of bookends although they're a bit light, so we'll call them fancy paperweights. lol I stole 2 blocks from my dd's toybox and painted, inked & covered the sides in old book pages. I collaged panels for the fronts and added vintage lace to the sides. I have a friend I plan to give them to.

Finally, here's a set of simple cards. I purposely left sentiments off so I can put whatever I want on it when I want to use them. Or if I give them away, the recipient can choose.

I have a few more items in mind to make but we'll see what materializes. The ideas just keep rolling in with these collage sheets!


Kristin Michelle said...

you are ooberly talented! i am just in awe of all your creations!

Rhonda Langley said...

Might get a little messy having a raven on your head?

Look at all the buttons!!

I bought some composition books with the idea of decorating the outside. . .now let's see if I follow through.

Kersten said...

OOH - what gorgeous creations, Kris! :) Hello, Muse!

Jo Anne said...

my fav has to be the buttoned bookmark on the "the caged bird sings." LOVELY!