Monday, September 15, 2008

Painful Memory - Creative Therapy

Working on this catalyst, was a bit difficult. I don’t talk about personal/painful things with many people, some my closest allies may not even be aware of. But I think of them often. This catalyst reminded me that is okay to have painful memories. It’s how we react, change and grow through them that makes all the difference. They define the person we become. I find that a memory is painful when it involves love. Love for family, kids, parents, what coulda/shoulda been. If they didn’t involve love, we wouldn’t care as much and thus, they wouldn’t be painful. Sometimes I think, do I love too much, care too much? Should I buffer my feelings up against the rocks and act like everything is okay? I’m not very good at that. I have to continue to love. I tried to make a piece that involved baring my soul but some things are best just left unshared. I wrote my memories on little slips of paper and slipped them into the heart’s tubes. They’re there for me to remember, share with a loved one if I want to, or to put away and move forward. Whatever I choose.

Technique Highlight:
Canvas has been covered in modeling paste, with various shapes pushed into it while wet to leave impressions. I covered it in a crimson paint, and rubbed brown and copper paints into the crevices and over the piece for definition. The ‘LOVE’ is handpainted. The heart is made of magazine pages, rolled up and glued. I cut them to size and glued together in the shape of a heart (painting & stamping each ‘tube’ before i glued it into the heart.

This week the catalyst is giving away a yummy prize of a 50 piece oil pastels set from Sakura of America. Oh how I wish I could play along for the prize! I can't, but you can! Go see how!

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Lily said...

wow, this is just amazing. What a great inspiration

Sherry said...

I haven't done the creative therapy catalyst for a few months now but I found the prompts to be incredibly meaningful.

I see so much in what you created, especially with the heart. Painful memories are sometimes the most meaningful -- in bringing us to where we really "need" to be in our lives.

Jo Anne said...

thanks for sharing.

great way to acknowledge your feelings- not just upbeat ones.

Lily said...

hope you don't mind that I completely lifted that heart idea.....

LisaLaughs said...

Thanks for the sweet note on my blog! I came for a visit, and was so moved by your beautiful art, and your beautiful thoughts. I am in awe of people who are able to express themselves well - I always seem to be looking for a better word, or feel like I am just repeating myself. But I ramble... Good for you for writing out your thoughts and feelings to commemorate them, but also for feeling the need to keep them private!! You are a better person for the exercise, and man, what a beautiful piece you made!!

'fancypicnic' said...

Wow. The tubed notes are very poignant. Cathartic work, I think xx