Monday, September 08, 2008

Talent & Ability - Creative Therapy

This week's Creative Therapy catalyst is 'What talent or ability do you wish you had?' Go on over and play along! (Image is from Altered Pages.)

Confidence. Complete confidence. Friends and family would say I’m pretty confident and I’d agree for the most part. Yet there are those times when I question everything. Am I a good enough wife, a competent mother and homeschool teacher, a dedicated Christian, an interesting person & caring friend, a loving daughter, a talented artist? Usually I believe I am but there is that little negative bug in the back of my brain that sometimes says ‘but what if you aren’t and you’re just fooling yourself?’ I hate self doubt. I would love to have the ability to be completely confident in my life, my choices, myself; with no doubt that I’m doing everything the way I should and could. But I guess that touches on the ‘perfection’ level. No one is perfect, only God. I firmly believe that he only gives us what we can handle so I think if I have complete confidence in him, the negative Nellies in my brain will leave me alone. It’s a constant struggle though. We all want to measure up. Believing in yourself brings the confidence I think. I’ll keep working on that.

Technique Highlight:
I took a piece of cheesecloth, ripped holes in it, sprayed one side with repositionable adhesive and laid it over a primed canvas. I dripped alcohol inks on the cheesecloth, sometimes moving the ink around with a wet brush or water pen. I also painted with white gesso (white paint will do) through some of the cloth as well. I dried it a bit with the heat gun and then pulled off the cheesecloth. Perfect background. For the chipboard letters, I quickly brushed them with aqua and olive green alcohol inks. After they were dry, I took a baroque stamp on a wheel, rolled it through paint and then rolled it across the letters for the pink swirls.


Kristin Michelle said...

i love this! it is just gorgeous!

Rhonda Langley said...

Very pretty!!! Love how you painted & inked the letters and that they are not all in a row! I especially love the pink stars!