Friday, August 22, 2008

Feature Friday!

ARTSY is an Etsy seller I secretly want to be when I grow up. Her work has been featured in Craft Magazine and on many websites.

From her Etsy bio:
"Cat Bishop's work explores the disconnect between the self each of us harbors inside and the self we present to the world. If our outward appearances were to accurately reflect the incongruity we feel inside, on a daily basis, we'd look like these people--eyes asymetrical, faces askew, legs off at uncomfortable angles, ill matched jello molds for boobs. The work is about the ways we assemble ourselves, the cobbling together of a self more presentable than the one we know. In this way what Bishop creates are also masks and disguises. So while the work is, in a deep way, about self-perception, self-scrutiny and self-flaggelation, the artist clearly has fun with it. The faces and figures come across as comical and entertaining, not dark or menacing."

Every time I see a piece of Artsy's assemblages it makes me smile. I have a thing for dishware, especially from older eras (50s-60s). The colors call to me, the combinations of mismatched pieces are poetry in metal motion. If I started to use up all the older dishes and containers I own (and am supposed to be selling on Ebay) my husband would be thrilled.

One thing I've very excited about are her art prints. She has a variety of unique pieces that have already sold but we don't have to suffer because it may not have been sold to us. We can have a print of the piece. Can you just see a display of several of her pieces framed in black frames? How very retro! It's almost as good as the real thing!
Art Prints

Artsy's pieces have such built in character you want to buy them up, bring them home and introduce them to everyone as 'my new friend.' They seem to come alive.

After seeing Artsy's mixed media artwork, you'll never look at junk on the street and broken appliances again! Think of what your garage sale and thrift store shopping will be like now! I'm in love with her use of ordinary game pieces for feet and eyes and such.

And to top it all off, she now sells jewelry she has cobbled together from vintage beads and chain.
WannaBead Etsy Shop

Let me know if you buy something from her. I want to see what you chose as your favorite!
Artsy Etsy Shop


trisha too said...

I want the camera man.

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

these are a hoot!

Lily said...

wonderful stuff, Kris. thanks for pointing it out

Jo Anne said...

those are super cool. very good find!