Friday, February 06, 2009

Handmade Stencils

Remember a while back when we did the stenciling using Lotta's book? I keep wanting to do that again. Or the screenprinting kit that I received for Christmas? Still haven't broken it out of the box other than to look at. It would be wise to have a clean art room first or I'll be slinging paint everywhere!
Last night I was reading an email from Mary. We were discussing her use of stencils in her art. I told her I've been wanting to make a peacock feather stencil. I think because someone whose blog I stalk (can't remember who, if it's YOU, let me know) had used one in their art and now I must have one of course. After our emails I started thinking. Do I draw one? Print a picture of a peacock feather and then trace it somewhere onto acetate? I had no clue. Then, I happened upon this site. Imagine that! I can use the technology AVAILABLE to me to make stencils! Adobe Photoshop or even just Word. Why didn't I think of that? So last night I was a bit busy making a few stencils, some from images we took on our trip (seagull, pelicans, etc...) and thought I'd share them.

Just save the image to your computer (they will print 8.5" x 11"), pull it up in the program you print through, as an image and print on acetate. Or print on paper, trace on acetate/transparency with a sharpie, and then cut with an exacto knife. Wouldn't it be cool to have one of those laser machines that cuts them for you via computer?! ha

To add a picture to Microsoft WORD (if that is where you're going to print from...): Open a blank document in WORD. Click the INSERT tab. Choose IMAGE, then PICTURE, then FROM FILE. Go to where you have the above images saved on your computer and choose the image you want. It should fill the blank document. If not, just stretch the image from the corner marker.

Of course you could always just go buy stencils or Tim Holtz masks from Retro Art Cafe too (I know I did!) Either way is fun!


Anonymous said...

I have stencil road block these days...thanks for posting this refresher.... I use a peacock feather...sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I love you Contessa Kris. You made this sound so simple. I started to do it, but I have got to find a picture I want to do. Thank you soooooooo much.


Mar said...


Mary-Beth said...

Brilliant, thank you Kris!

Femmy said...

these are fantastic!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the tree and the peacock feather, they're wonderful !!

I used these computer monitor cutter... it's wonderful.... but far too expensive, even for my school.

Thanks for sharing, you blog, your vision of life !!