Friday, October 16, 2009

Halloween House

This is the final project from last year. It's a spooky Haunted Halloween house. Make one of your own! Let me know if you do, I wanna see!

This week's Halloween project was a fun one. Like I've said before, I'm not much of a Halloween decorator. So I thought, if I'm making things for Terrorific Tuesdays, I'd like items that I'll use over and over and fit my style. I don't like to have stuff around that doesn't have a purpose (DH, stop laughing. I meant stuff I make.) This is a house frame for my dd's Halloween costume picture. I'll just need to print it and slip it in the frame!

I found the cutest paper mache' house shape at Michaels (it's about 8" tall) last week. I could just see it as a haunted house! My friend Barb mailed me the adorable skeleton and my new favorite tool (the glue pen) and I put them to good use here. The circles on the sides and around the diamond paper, I glittered with the pen and a jar of shinies. The pretty purple paper (YES Rhonda, its purple, are you shocked?) is wrapping paper from Borders that you can buy in sheets. My dd frowned at me when I pulled out the white fencing. She said 'that's the fencing you won't let me use outside for my fairy houses!' Yes, I'm that mean a mother. I've been hoarding it. But just to show there were no hard feelings, she made the pumpkin for me to add to my house. I consider it the perfect touch.

What's your favorite part of Halloween?
I love carving the pumpkins, cooking the seeds and eating pumpkin candies too.


Shana said...

We have our house up for sale, so I had to keep my 10-year-old in check this year. Hard to show the house with plastic witches and skeletons hanging from the light fixtures and pumpkin lights lining the windows (which is totally her style, lol). So we did a creepy doll/candle display (copied from something you posted on facebook!), some rats and bats on the front porch and a few scary crows on the mantle, along with a vase of eyeballs and poisoned candy corn. Simple, but fun!

trisha too said...

VERY cute! (i mean, spooky. creepy. Halloweeny!)

those candy pumpkins are wonderful! oh my gosh, i can eat a whole bag by myself!

which is why we don't buy them.


Chriss Rollins said...

Hya Kris,

I have missed you and your fab blog...Had a very quick look back as far as July as I have been AWOL due to a big creative challenge...LOL...u can see on my blog...haha.
Hope to be back with you soon.

The boquet of paper flowers is gorgeous and the book for the swap is so cheeky and I love it.
take care.
I made a recycled Halloween house last year so if you look up on October you will find it.
Not sure that I will get the time this year.
chriss x

Rhonda Langley said...

Very Halloweeny! The purple is fabulous and so is the one button eyed cat! I've seen a lot of purple around you lately-could it be that your disdain for purple is lessening?