Thursday, October 01, 2009

Halloween Projects Repost - Banner

It's been busy around here and art has not been my pleasure for weeks. I was wanting to make beautiful Halloween items, much like my friend Audrey has been cranking out, to decorate my house but as of yet, no time. Until I can, I thought I'd repost projects from last year.

Halloween Banner. I really enjoyed making this banner and hung it on my door for the duration of October. I need to go dig it out and put it back on the door. For instructions see last year's post.

It's almost time for a pumpkin patch visit. I know the little one is looking forward to picking out some pumpkins for the front porch. I'd also like to visit a local store, Curious Sofa. I was visiting their blog yesterday and they have a fabulous Halloween display going on. Check out this creation! The owner said she picked up doll heads all summer just for this decoration! Now that's some good planning!

What plans do you have for this year's Halloween?

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Rhonda Langley said...

Your banner is awesome but the doll heads are pretty creepy even for me!