Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Winner & Spicy Women Book

First off, the winner of the aforementioned Halloweenish Journal. Thanks to all those who visited and entered! Random.org has chosen the 10th entry which is:
Congrats. I'll contact you and get your mailing address so I can get it out to you. Have fun using it!

Now, onto my slackerness. I joined the Altered Gypsy Altered Book swap. Due out mid September. Yes, I'm aware of what month it is. I have calendars everywhere. Even on the ole' cell phone! Just haven't had the time or inclination to create. Last night I figured it was now or never. No sense in holding up the group anymore. My theme is 'Spicy Women'. Think Tallulah Bankhead, May West, Kathryn Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman, Sophia Loren, Bette Davis type women from the past. Just strong willed determined smart women, kwim?

I don't know why this translated in my head into a form fitting bustier with body parts about to fall out. Don't know how the ensuing artists are going to work in it, probably taking the cover off while they work. The accoutrements in the brassiere are made of styrofoam balls; covered in tissue papers and painted with pale pinks and glitterfied. Don't you wish yours could look like that? I know I do! (Except you guys out there, probably not your style. lol) I'm excited to see what art appears in my book!

The extra pages are a sign in page, and a pocket with different stickers, sayings and words for the artists' use. Got my sewing machine to sew through paper. Just can't get it to sew through fabric yet (stupid tension, can't find the book.)

Is it Spicy enough?


trisha too said...

VERY spicy, indeed!

Rhonda Langley said...

Oh my gosh this is hysterical! I absolutely love the cover-glittered styrofoam boobs?! The blue tulle is a great finishing touch!!