Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Halloween Journal Giveaway

This is an attempt to make something Halloween related. All images and the words stamp are from Red Lead. Not sure what kind of book you might need for this holiday. Maybe to keep a list of costumes you like, projects you want to make or favorite halloween recipes? Actually, the only thing that makes it halloweeny is the orange paper behind. I'm sure it can be used all year around for the creative soul.

Seeing as today is my birthday, we won't talk about the number although it's a nice round one, I'm giving away this little creation. (Notice the labelholder? You can put your name in there.) My favorite part, although you can't really see in the picture, is the black fabric. It has criss cross ribbing in the design. Nice to the touch. I love the burnt edges (yes, actual fire used) on the dictionary page in the middle. No, I did not burn down the studio. Just smoked it up a bit.

For 1 entry: Leave a link to your blog or an email where I can contact you if you're the winner. Tell me about a project you're making for an upcoming holiday (or a favorite you have seen.) I'll draw a winner this weekend.

For a 2nd entry: follow my blog in the NetworkedBlogs box on the left. Let me know in a separate posting that you did this and you'll be entered a 2nd time!

For a 3rd entry: blog, twitter or facebook this giveaway! Let me know you did so.

Have fun!


Patti said...

me me me!!! pick me! ha, it's all about me isn't it - especially on your birthday!!! Happy day, no matter what the age, you're young in every way that counts (excuse the pun!)
I already follow your blog and feature it in my blogroll.
I am making a tag for Dia de los Muertos, in memory of my dear Aunt, who was like a mother to me! I'll have to remember to post it!
Again, Happy Day!!!

Kersten said...

Happy Birthday, my friend! :) May your day be art-filled and joyous!

I love the journal you've created! :)

Mary-Beth said...

Happy Birthday Kris, I love this journal it is absolutely gorgeous and ... well ... um.... gorgeous!!!!! LOL
Following, Twitted and commented!
Have a fabulous day!

Mary-Beth said...

following, lol wanted to go by your conditions!

Mary-Beth said...

me again, Twitted! lol

Paula Clare said...

Hi Kris!
This journal is adorable! I LOVeS it! I already follow you, so I'll go tweet about this and mention the giveaway on facebook.

Keeping my fingers crossed!

Spinneretta said...

Oh how lovely :)
I personally, am in the middle of an art accordian fold book called 'autumn' :) I even bought a squash to add to it LOL
(You can see some of it on my blog)

Spinneretta said...

O.K. I just started following AND I re-tweeted your tweet :)

Nikki said...

very cool! happy belated b-day. im actually going to make altered candy jars and witch hat treat bags for halloween, cannot wait!!! oh and i'm making a spooky themed wreath. http://momagrln2k.blogspot.com/

Nikki said...

oh, and i'm following yr blog and posted on my blog!

Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn said...

Hi there! Happy Birthday! This is my blog...
Right now I am working on a collage that was supposed to be for Halloween! Don't know if it will be done in time though. Love your little creation!

trisha too said...

very nice!

sorry i missed the journal giveaway, but at least i didn't miss your birthday!