Friday, January 11, 2008

Jewelry Day!

So, another good/relaxed day of homeschooling today. DH was home, puttering around the house. I helped little DD with her english and math. She read science and other books for school and listened to big DD read Rumo & His Miraculous Adventures (by Walter Moers) outloud. Interesting book. The bad guys say shut up and they're all traveling to the city of HEL which is a little too 'bad' for my taste in terms of being read out loud to an 8 year old. But I heard bits and pieces of it and it sounds like an interesting book. It's a 2nd book to 13 1/2 lives of Captain Blue Bear, a 700+ page book for kids and adults alike (all the books are huge!) The 3rd book is The City of Dreaming Books. I don't think they're sequels per se, but based in the same land, as it were. Look em' up next time you're at the book store. Oh, for other book news, if you haven't read City of Ember, another kid's book, read it. I loved it. It has sequels & prequels too and I hear they're making a movie of it this year! YAY!
So, today while they were otherwise occupied and finishing up school, I worked in my art room. When the room gets some doors, I'll start calling it a studio (never will happen *eyeroll*). Experimented with my neglected Dremel tool. Made holes in dominoes and had fun making necklaces. I think a couple might make their way to Etsy in a bit so look there if you're interested. I can always change out the 'chain'. I'm wanting to purchase some black cording anyway. The fairy one might land in the hands of a friend who loves fairies. *wink* More jewelry to come!

Really need to work on my chicken wire crown but the inspiration for that alludes me at the moment... What are you up to? Ohhh! I found a lady who is doing a weekly challenge. This week's is 'open an art book/mag to any page and do that project'. Something like that. Go see and participate! I'm going to try to as well!


e. beck said...

love those necklaces ....
and i just added rumo and city of embers to my amazon cart fot my twin ten year olds ...thanks!

Anonymous said...