Saturday, January 12, 2008

More Jewelry...

I made additional necklaces this evening. More time consuming pieces but I love them. And I have the blisters growing to prove it! The darn pliers are not my friend. Both pieces will head to Etsy in the morning. I'm too tired now.

Stay tuned for a possible trade. While looking for items to use with the necklaces I found about 7-8 ATCs I still haven't traded or sold. 3 will head to Etsy tomorrow and the other 4 I will post and trade with others.

Also, my dad, who collects vintage coffee postcards, bought me some coffee postcards for Christmas that have beautiful ladies images on them. I'm going to work on scanning those and my cabinet cards I have in the house this weekend. Then I'll be sharing them through the next couple weeks. If you use vintage images in your art, then these will be a nice addition!

Off to bed. Gotta take the cow of a puppy to the veterinarian in the morning for her checkup. I'm not her biggest fan right now (just kidding really)... She got ahold of my favorite art eraser and made it look like swiss cheese! Plus her new favorite chew toys are crayons! Ugh. Can puppies die from eating wax? *sigh*


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Anonymous said...

These necklaces are gorgeous. Love the 'home' one. I need to remember to come to your blog when feedblitz notifys me of your posts. It makes me lazy when I can see your post in my email so now I just need to come visit so I can comment :o) Have a great week.