Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New 'Love' Creations & Crown

lovehouse, originally uploaded by Collage Contessa.

Bear with me if this post looks wacky. I'm trying out the 'blog entry feature direct from Flickr'. Not sure I can add more than one photo. We'll see. Anyway. Here is another little valentine I made for the swap I'm in at Altered Gypsy. It's patterned paper, a restaurant order slip, vintage lace, image from Piddix's Etsy shop, sequins and more.

Also made this one for a new friend and sent it on to her today. I hope she enjoys it. Got the idea from one of the new people I just added to my 'flickr friends'. Sorry, can't remember which one. EDITED: Found the Flickr friend I 'copied'.

Here's a pretty rose I made. It started out as another valentine's ornament but turned into a stand alone 3D valentine's card of sorts. You can access and print the directions to making it here: Rose Instructions (At the top of the pic, click 'all sizes'. It will come up big. Then right click and then 'print picture'. Easy peasy.)

That's all for now. Oh wait. See this? Can you guess what its for? Yep, its the start of my crown. I showed DH and said, 'See, how pretty? I bent the edges and everything so it connects!' He stared at me like I had grown 3 heads and asked 'Pretty? It's chicken wire. What's it for?' I proceeded to place it on my head and gleefully announce, 'A CROWN!' Eyes rolled out of his head and he said 'Oh my word, you're crazy.' I was happy nonetheless. I showed him the article in Somerset Studio, but it didn't seem to change his mine as to my craziness. Oh well, to each his own. lol


piddix said...

These are so lovely. Thanks for sharing.

TheTatums said...

lol... you're so funny! My dh has the same look on his face when I tell him what I've been making. I can't wait to see your crown. I just got my copy of Somerset Studio and thought back to my early days of growing up on the farm. Who would have thought that one day we'd be making crowns out of chicken wire! :-) Now I'm off to read the instructions on how to make the 3D roses. I just finished some of my own design yesterday. Hopefully I'll photograph them and upload them to my blog this weekend.