Saturday, February 23, 2008


SO I realized a few things today.

1 - Computers are a mesmerizer. I swear I've been on here on and off all day. I took a shower but that's about it.

2 - Blogs are a time loser. Do you know how long I got lost in blogland today, reading everyone's lovely blogs, adding them to my new FEED & sidebar AND commenting up a storm? ALL DAY!

3 - Flickr is a hot bed of creativity and potential friends of like interests. If you have not visited Flickr, go now. NOW! Okay, after you read this post but then go. Search by whatever topic you like; collage, elephants, Johnny Depp... there will be someone or some group that shares your interest! SO fascinating!

4 - It's okay to paint your keyboard green. If it gets in the way while you're painting, it becomes whatever color was on your brush at the time. Lime green.

5 - You CAN lose your mouse. Do you lose your mouse? Yes, I mean the computer mouse, not the rodent kind. Oh, you don't lose your mouse? Well, get a wireless mouse, start doing art and see if YOU can find your darn mouse! I dare ya!

6 - Children are always sicker at night. My child laid around in bed all day, vegging in front of the TV, coloring, reading, making ATCs, fighting with her sister, occasionally getting up to chase a dog. I didn't hear but maybe 5 coughs. Then she heads to bed and BLAM! She can not stop coughing. Is this a phenomenon I don't know about or is it just a coincidence?

7 - If its cold out, the puppy is going to relieve herself in the house. Yes, this is true, stupid but true nonetheless. I put the puppy outside many a time and all she spent her time doing was scratching at the door and whining, when you KNOW she has to go (I saw the potty dance!) You think enough time has gone by, you let her in. She promptly goes into the living room and pees! WHY WHY WHY! Where's the 409 dang it?! Get me the mop!

8 - Pizza delivery is the BOMB! You can go online, order anything you like, pay with the credit card (even your tip), send the teenager or DH to the door for the pizza so you don't have to get out of your pajamas, and dinner is SERVED! Hallelujah! Back to blogland!

9 - No matter how many times I organize, put things in labeled jars, drawers, bins and shelves, I will never, NEVER be organized! It doesn't matter what you say, don't tell me it is doable! Permanent organization is for people who waste time cleaning up after each project! How will you find anything if you put it away? You want tape? Oh, its on the table. Scissors? Table. Paint? Table still. No need to put it away, its right there in front of you (and if you run out of room on the table, its helpful to just stack it on the floor. You'll still find it.)

and finally...

10 - You feel so much more alive and whole when you have paint in your hair, modeling paste under your nails, dictionary paper stuck to your cheek and pen marks all over your palms. Ahhh, the life of an artist!

Do you have any realizations to share?

(Pic taken by my teenager, I stole it from her blog. Why does my child have more comments on her blog than me? *sigh*)

P.S. Can someone tell me why my Flickr thingies that stream my art (the new ones in the right column down at the bottom) are all extra long with the added white area? The top one isn't like that! I'm too tired to figure it out. If someone has a suggestion on how to fix them. Holler!


Jes said...

My realization is that there are other people who search "Jonny Depp" at Flickr other then me! LOL!!!!!


Sandra Evertson said...

Great post!
And love the two collages below!
Sandra Evertson

Anonymous said...

OMG I think we must be twins separated at birth! LOL! Great post, I can SO identify with it.
I love your work, you're a real inspiration :)
Lyn Wareham, UK

Lucy said...

LOL--love your list, so many things I do and think about but have never said :)

e. beck said...

it isn't yet 9am ... but i have already spent a long time this morning doing the blog hop thing .... i loved your long chatty post full of realizations......