Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saturday Art

(Used image by Altered Pages.)
* Meets requirements for Mixed Media Monday's theme: Texture. *

My Saturday was productive. How was yours? I wore a smile on my face the whole day. In fact at one point I asked my husband, gesturing to my face;

"Do you see this smile?!"
DH said, "Yeah, what is it for?"
"I'm smiling because I've been doing art all day! See how happy it makes me?!"
"Oh, that's great (in that I'm-smiling-for-you-but-don't-really-care-one-way-or-the-other' way)."
"See my hands, covered in paint! Isn't it wonderful!"
"Yeah, great. You're not going to get all that off of your hands." (Always the practical one.)

Yeah, not a riveting conversation, but you get the idea.

I woke up and promptly sat down at my art desk. Oh, I made insincere comments about needing to fold clothes and do more laundry but never even attempted those chores. Maybe tomorrow.

Just a run-down on what I started today:
1 - a textured box
2 - Little containers to sell bits & baubles in
3 - 2 cards
4 - Crown (finished!)
5 - Large Canvas (finished!)
6 - Halloween item for a Somerset Studio Call
7 - Keyboard cleaned (finished!!)

The crown pics will come soon, I have an idea to take its pic out in the snow but haven't figured out how to do that without killing it! ha The canvas is below. On Altered Gypsy we started a monthly Somerset Studio Challenge thread. January was crowns (orginal idea in mag by Lori Oles at VintageFlair.) February was Paper Scrap Girls (idea in mag by Vanessa Valencia of A Fanciful Twist.) My piece is an 18"x24" canvas for my teenager's red hot room. Do you think its girlie enough?! lol

In the evening I sat down at my desk to blogsurf while I ate some soup (a common occurance.) I stood up to do something and SWOOSH, lovely hot clam chowder all in my nice wireless keyboard. Called for DH and we frantically started taking it apart to mop it out. Thankfully the keyboard has a built in layer of rubber that protects all the mechanics. But I spent several hours, after I had popped the keys out, cleaning the keyboard. The keys were soaked in soapy water, dried and were gleamingly new. Although I lost the artful hours I was going to have, I'm so thankful the keyboard didn't quit on me. I LOVE my wireless keyboard and mouse!

So,that's my Saturday in a nutshell. Kids were still sick, cough cough hack hack. It snowed out. But I was ecstatic that I've met 1/3 of Goal #2 on my list of yearly goals.

I'm off to slumberland, church tomorrow and dinner with extended family for a belated Valentine's celebration at Buca di Beppos.

Final thought.
I asked my DH this today. "What is an artist's favorite paintbrush?" All artists should know... *wink*
Good night!


Alexandra Knittel said...

Wonderful canvas

Stempelchaotin said...

Wow this is absolutely stunning. Amazing card. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic canvas! Thanks for participating on Mixed Media Monday.

Viola said...

Stunning work! Love it!!

Lucy said...

You had me scared for a minute, I thought you were going to say you spilled the soup on your new artwork!! LOL Love seeing how it all came together, the dress is fab :) I think it's going to look great in your daughter's room! Good for you for completing so many of your to-do's!

Anonymous said...

This canvas is great I love the bright colors and all the texture.

Contessa Kris said...

Lucy - no, I did not spill on my canvas. I have an unwritten rule in my head. If you're gonna eat at the art table/computer, move the art. It's just that simple. I'm clumsy. lol

Anonymous said...

Kris...I am blown away. This has got to be my favorite of all of your pieces. This is gorgeous. I am loving that background with all those shades of pink/hot pink. Wow, wow, wow!!! :o)

trisha too said...

Tell how you did the skirt, please.
I want to touch it!!!

trisha too said...

And by the way, I have ten favorite paint brushes, all (hopefully!) permanently attached.