Friday, May 02, 2008

Sweet Goodness Paris Swap items!

Wow! The week has just flown by, wasn't it just the weekend and then POOF! It's the weekend again! (sorry, been watching too much Craig Ferguson.)

My week started eventfully with 2 children and myself sick. We're all starting to feel better now so thank the Lord for that. Last night was eventful with huge storms and tornado sirens sending us to the basement, but we were blessed with not being touched. Others up north of us can't stay the same.

Okay! I have lots to show on the Paris Swap front! My partner Angela rec'd her package! YAY! She said she liked it all. You know how it is, wondering if you even sent anything of worth. Here's pics of what I sent. We had to include 1 handmade, 1 thrifted, 1 sweet and 1 supply.

I always have the worst time making something for a swap. I mean, unless they specifically say, 'decorate a box' or something, I have to come up with creative things all on my lonesome. I had fun making the altered journal, drew the Eiffel myself. It came out okay. The fabric pin was a product of all the fabric scraps I had on my desk, plus an Eiffel tower charm I just knew I had somewhere and finally found. I might think of making similar pins for my Etsy store.

My thrift storing for this swap was surprisingly limited. You would think Paris things would abound, I'm usually seeing lots of French things I want. But not this time. I sent her a nice French cooking book. I almost had to resort to taking something french out of my bathroom! Almost.

The candy was easy, Ghirardelli. There is no other. The extras I sent all came from my own personal ephemera, metal and trims stash. She seemed to like all the trims. I'm a trim-a-holic so I completely understand. Plus, the Paris bag didn't match the colors but I couldn't resist. It's so shiny and purty! She says the candle smells wonderful. Oh, forgot I sent her some other things as well (pics can be see on HER blog. I sent some wings, dried flowers, pens in black anc aqua and the package tied up in tissue paper above sports a vintage hair pin w/faux diamond.

I rec'd the most gorgeous package from her as well! She outdid herself. Wait until you see!

Yes, the dressform is as pretty in person as it looks in the picture. Even more so, since my pictures can't do it justice. Decoupaged with book pages, and little pics of Paris, lace, tulle and streamers trim the bottom. Did you see the close up at the top? It even has a pretty little beaded necklace! Gorgeous! The package included a lovely old book where the story is set in Paris in the spring. She made a beautiful butterfly bookmark, and sent an envelope of ephemera for me to use to alter the book. How sweet! The shell lady is a project she started to make me then instead sent it to me to finish. That will be fun!

She has more of these in her Etsy shop. Go get one for yourself! YUM! I think she has dressforms there too!

She sent ephemera, glittered handmade papers and notecard sets too.

I'm in love with the handcrafted flower. It's all fabric with a button center. The angel is adorable. I had already been drooling over others in her Etsy shop and now I own one! YAY me! Plus the vintage perfume bottle filled with glitter. Can it get any better than this?! I loved my partner.

One thing you won't see that unfortunately didn't last long enough for a picture was a giant bag of black licorice! I was in heaven. DD discovered that if you bite off both ends of a licorice stick you can use it for a straw. Who knew?! I can't wait until the next swap I'm in!

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Angela Harris said...

That was sooo much fun! Since I enjoyed making that dress form so much I'm going to enter a dressform coutre fashion contest that stampington is putting on. I Loved my package so much. Thank you! for all of my goodies.