Monday, June 16, 2008

Creative Therapy Catalyst

I'm loving my stint as a Creative Therapy Designer. It 'forces' me to create, even when I feel my muse is gone, that I have no talent or that I just have nothing to contribute. Thanks to all those who commented on my posts when I was feeling down and out, and slightly depressed. I've had suggestions to just walk away and do something else, or read art mags to get me going again. But I think I've realized that art is a part of me. I can't just turn it off. However, I can and have let all the stresses of other things in life get in the way and steal my joy. I'm feeling better now. I'm taking my time, doing some things that 'need' doing so they can get out of my psyche and I can concentrate on art again. It feels so good to not be 'forcing' the creating right now.

This week's catalyst is: '1 Lesson To Teach My Children'

There are so many lessons to teach my girls; God is your rock and your answer, Make sure others treat you well, Money isn't everything, Don't talk to strangers. Yet I think the one I talk about the most with them is: Be Happy where you are. Here. There. Wherever you are, whatever job you're in, situation, life, church, etc... be happy. Be happy with what you have. Now I know I'm not the best example of this, I have times that I'm just not happy. But I think if you're always waiting for what is around the corner, the next job, next pay raise, the next sale of your art, the next time you lose weight, the next boyfriend, the next thing you can buy, the next place you'll live - to be happy, you're never gonna even come close to being happy. All I can do is teach them this, and pray for them every day.

While I was creating my Creative Therapy catalyst, I played around with a matching canvas to hang on the wall. The sentiment says, "Each flower is a soul blossoming out to nature." (6"x6" canvas)

Canvases were painted with fluid acrylics. When I was working on my last piece for Creative Therapy, I used a canvas to wipe off my excess Golden fluid acrylics. That gave me a lovely background which I used for the 'Be Happy' canvas. Then I used the same liquids and painted the second canvas. I also added strips of paper scraps, spanish book pages, stickers and more. The saying and words on both are either stickers and/or rubons.

Did you enter the drawing from Saturday's post? No? Go enter!


Chief of the Tuey Clan said...

I think it is loverly, like you!!!
You are a great artist!!!
Don't let your psyche fool you.

You are a creatively and wonderfully made by our Creator.

You are unique and I like it!!

You rawk \m/. .\m/

Love ya

Rachelle said...

Oh wow - after a good browse through your blog, I just have to say how amazed I am with your talent. I know beauty when I see it, even if I have a difficult time creating it myself.

Thanks for finding my blog, and showing me yours!

Kersten said...

WOW! Kris, your Muse never left you - it just took a short trip to the beach. Stunning canvases, both of them.

Mind Body Shop said...

Nothing is more important than the person inside. Therapy exits for the person inside; it has no other purpose.

Irish Coffeehouse said...

Your talent is top-notch! I just adore this style of art and all of your work!

It's hard sometimes, but yes we have to choose to be content where we are whether we agree with that place and position or not.

Kerry said...

That be happy here canvas ROCKS! I LOVE every inch of it! Beautious!

Anonymous said...

Wow I can relate! Thank You
Denise Mass.

Kris Dickinson said...

Really fabulous work! So glad I found your blog!