Monday, June 30, 2008

Catch Up Post - Book Club, Winner, Giveaway

Gosh! I do get sidetracked sometimes! I'm realizing there are several things I never got around to closing up, commenting on or whatever.

I seriously dropped the ball on my impromptu, newly formed 'Virtual Jane Austen Book Club'. I did in fact finish the book but never really came and discussed it with others. If you finished it or just had ideas to share, I'd love to hear them. I will be reading Persuasion over the summer. Care to try joining me again?

Remember this piece I made for my Etsy store (custom orders)? Well, I forgot to come announce the winner and send out the item. I drew a name a long time ago but you know how it is. Life got in the way. Sorry to everyone who was waiting with bated breath. lol
The winner is...

I'll be contacting you for your mailing address and will get the little purse out to you pronto. Oh, and I still have not cracked open the package holding my phone's disk for music. How sad is that! I plan to work on that this summer though. Thanks for all your fabulous suggestions. Some I had never heard before! Oh by the way, where do you get all your music? Do you download, buy all the CDs? I was thinking 'where will I get a lot of these songs? Just wondering.

I'm still accepting ideas for the piece from this post. The right saying or word just will not come to me, so I asked for suggestions from my readers.

So far I've received these:
Three's A Crowd
There's a Time & A Place for Everything and Everyone
Rise & SHine
'I Can't Hear You! La la la'
The Three Sisters
You Can't Make Everyone Happy
Some Will Always Do As They Please
Look For the Good In Everyone, It's There
There's Always Room For One More
The Early Bird Catches the Worm
Three Of A Kind

I'm leaning towards a couple but I could use some more ideas. Help! If I pick your saying you'll win a baggie of collage goodies, or pick the corset tags or altered bottle from this post.

In a totally unrelated 'I was right and you were wrong' notion, DH got a ticket over the weekend. I just had to laugh. When you get off of the highway near our house, I've sometimes seen policemen sitting in between the bank and the auto parts store, just waiting for someone who didn't slow down after coming off the highway. I tell my DH this all the time reminding him to slow down. He insists he's never seen a policeman there at all and he comes home that way every day from work. It's gotten to be a joke with us now. We'll be getting off the highway and I'll say 'I don't even need to tell you what I want to tell you, you just know'. Or I'll comment, 'Do we need to have 'the talk'?' and we'll both laugh. DH came home on friday and announced, 'I got a ticket today and you're not going to believe where.' I said, 'NO WAY!' I thought he was pulling my leg. But nope. So I just had to officially say 'I told you so.' I don't get to say that near often enough. ha

Please check out my Etsy stores. I've listed all recent canvases and art there, as well as new supplies and items for sale. Would love to work on a custom item for you if you would like. Let me know.
Collage Contessa (art work store)
Collage Curiosities(art supplies store)


Rhonda L said...

The only speeding ticket I have ever received was in the same spot 15 years ago!!!

Patti said...

We share several favorite blogs and every time I pull up my blog on the catalog yours shows up as a similar, and vice versa, so, I thought I'd join your neighborhood - hope that's OK.
Love your work, will visit again soon - sorry about the ticket:)

have a happy 4th!

Anonymous said...

hey Kris...i don't remember seeing that little purse before. It is too adorable. I wish I was good at thinking of a title/word for pieces but I am so bad at it.