Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Day 1: Paradise

Our vacation is finally here. We're in paradise in Florida.

I'm uber tired since we were up at 345 am for the drive to the airport and a 6 am flight. Thankfully I made it through both flights without throwing up. Kids did well too. Our hotel is just gorgeous, we've already spent a day at the beach, saw the sunset and picked up shells.

Kids fell asleep early so DH and I took a walk on the beach alone. Tomorrow (Wednesday) is our 20th anniversary and he wrote in the sand. Isn't he a keeper? Enjoy the pics. I'll be back again with more, and I have some art to share I haven't had a chance to post yet.
(Bear with me, pics are a bit off since I didn't bring my editing program with me and had to download a freebie. Still learning how to use it.)


Tsoniki said...

Great pictures! I have a couple of cameras and really need to get better about taking pics. :)

creativeFlutter said...

Gorgeous shots!!! Happy Anniversary too! Which beach are you at? I used to live in FL.

Anonymous said...

WAHHHH!WAHHHHH! It is so not fair! I should be there! Credit card vacation sounds so good now! Not checking this again until you get back! Happy Anniversary beach bums!

artbeth67 said...

Gorgeous photos, especially the bottom two! It does look like paradise :)

Rhonda L said...

Great photots!!! Love the ocean!!! Have fun!