Thursday, July 17, 2008

Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig

Coming home from vacation there is always that let down. That feeling of 'I should be doing something' creeps in your subconscious and pounces on your nerves. While on vacation, you have that 'ehhh, we can do something or we don't. Doesn't matter. We're here to relax.' I want that feeling at home or at least some of it you know? Trying not to let the subconscious control me. Not going to make a to-do list either. It's like a mini guilt trip list. I'll either do things when I think of them, or not. Not gonna bog myself down with busyness.

Yesterday, 1st day home I should have done lots of things. But didn't. Bags were mostly unpacked, no grocery shopping done (ordered pizza.) Needed a shower, needed to clean my art desk already. Instead I think I opened mailed, paid bills, watched 4 episodes of Lost (with DH) and took 2 naps. lol DD watched TV half the day and I refuse to feel like a bad mother. We're just catching up I guess. Today we're slow moving as well but hopefully I'll get my patootie in gear soon.

Here are the final trip pics to be shared.

Sunday was spent at the pool and watching people fly their windkites. DH found several beautiful shells on one of his beach walks. We bleached them and brought them home.

Monday everyone was sun shy. Teen DD got a burn and didn't want to step foot near the outdoors. We spent half the day laying around. DH and I finished Lost, Season 1. We promptly ordered Season 2 from Netflix so it would be waiting on us when we got home. In the afternoon we ventured back to St. John's Pass for more Cherry ice cream and some shopping. Then we headed into St. Petersburg to check out the pier. It's a beautiful location to see far out into the bay or whatever we were looking over. DH and little DD went to the small aquarium on level 2. My friend Paula, told me about the Cha Cha Coconuts restaurant on the top level so we had dinner there. Very eclectic dining area, plus we could see the water. As we left the pier, we saw the sun was setting behind the buildings. So we missed seeing it set over the water but I think this was just as beautiful.

On our way back to the hotel we saw gorgeous buildings in St. Pete. This one caught my eye (I may use pieces of it in art sometime.) We headed down to the end of the St. Pete Beach island and found this little concrete pier jutting out into the water. The waves were crashing up against it loudly. So beautiful. We met lovely people fishing off the end of the pier. Beautiful ending to a beautiful trip.

Our last day was eventful. We spent a couple hours in thrift stores, buying little things. I came home with yet more trim (yes, I know I didn't need any, but it was cheap!) and old hankerchiefs that my mom and I collect. DD came home with lots of shoes. Like she needs more shoes. *eyeroll here* What can I say? She's a teenager.

Our flight out of Tampa was delayed several hours. The airport was shut down due to yuck weather but our flights were smooth. I met a lady who was about 82? She was born in London and came to America on a boat in 1946. She has lived a varied life. Met Eisenhower, danced/partied with Robert Taft (grandson of William), married 3 times, 5 children, has a granddaughter trying to make it in movies. I hope my lifestory someday can read like a book, like hers does.

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