Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Always Learning - Creative Therapy

This week's Creative Therapy catalyst (Tell about something you’ve always wanted to learn) was a fun challenge, once I got past my mental block. I started out with a collaged page for the journal I'm always working in. It was moving right along... until it wasn't. My friends will tell you I threw it around more than once in frustration. I ended up putting it aside to use in another project someday, after a new idea came to me. The one you see here.

This catalyst I participated in is my last for Creative Therapy. Unfortunately I find that life is pulling me in many other directions and I had to let something go. Sadly it was my participation on the Creative Therapy design team. I will continue to visit the blog and participate when I can. I hope you will do the same. The talent and inspiration on the design team are immense and should not be forgotten. Take time to play along!

I’ve never understood people who are so glad to be done with high school or college. I love learning! I always dream about going back to school for art classes. Fiber arts, painting, sculpting, printmaking, metalwork, jewelry design. You name it, I wanna at least try it. I’m hoping to be able to attend college again soon. When I was in high school I loved languages. I wanted to learn as many as I could and then be an interpreter at the UN. Hey, it was a goal! I still love learning languages. My daughter is taking French and I’m picking some of it up. When my husband was in the military I studied Korean with a friend for a few months and I took 5 years of Spanish during my school days. It’s too hard to pick just one thing I’ve ‘always wanted to learn.’ There are so many things I want to know, so many books to read and so many opportunities to learn. I am a perpetual learner. I pray I never lose that desire.


Mar said...

i know what you mean about people not appreciating school...all it offers
we aren't ever finished learning..i would hope anyway
even tho some think they are

lovely piece!

Anonymous said...

Kris...this piece is wonderful :)

trisha too said...

hey! what happened to the learning head collage??? you didn't trash it, did you? i loved that thing!

however, this is DEFINITELY prettier.

look, if you aren't learning SOMETHING, you just aren't paying attention. and i would sign up for a class with you. a class. singular. let's take a pottery class somewhere, i love using a kick wheel!

did you know you can tell how old a GI Joe is by looking at his bum?

there. you learned something.

Anne, Bulles dorées said...

beautiful piece of art !