Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thursday rambles on...

Didn't he ramble, didn't he ramble
He rambled all around, in and out of town
Didn't he ramble, didn't he ramble
He rambled till the butcher cut him down

He rambled through the city
He rambled through the street
Little ol lady pass him said
"Look at the market meat!"

Didn't he ramble, didn't he ramble
He rambled all around, in and out of town
Didn't he ramble, didn't he ramble
He rambled till the butcher cut him down.

Oh, that sounds a bit morbid doesn't it? Every time I say the word ramble I break out into this song though. Go figure. (It's by Harry Connick Jr. and I can hear him singing it in my head.)

This is a ramble of a post, full of little tidbits from yesterday and today's activities because you know I just like to be chatty contessa sometimes. So many things inside the brain today...

I'm still working on the new art room. This week and last has been all about fabric. I love seeing it start to all line up on the shelves, just waiting to be petted and used if I can part with any.

Have you been keeping track of your creative days? I have. I'm hoping my days of art only increase.

Upon seeing my chart on the wall, the little one said 'I bet you can't do art 10 days in a row.' I tried my best but made it to 9. Definitely this month!

Last night I wanted to work on something without instruction or worrying about if it 'looks right.' I chose to try continuous line drawing. The gorgeous flower that DH gave me for Valentine's Day has finally reached the pretty and dried out stage so I worked with it for my drawing. I got a bit lost in the middle, trying to remember if I had included this petal or that yet. I like it though.

And last but not least of the rambles... meet my new studio friends. They keep me company.


Chriss Rollins said...

Hello Kris,

Thank you for popping over I appreciate your time as I know you are sooo busy.... would you look at all that fabric so much gorgeousness and the flower sketch is really lovely so au natural.

have a great time with the craft us the pics when complete.

chriss x

Anonymous said...

How all those piles of fabric and the Smurfs brought in a flood of good memories!

Rhonda Langley said...

That is not an art room it is a craft store hahaha!!

Your drawing is great and I think it belongs on a page in your art journal (instead of the scary head LOL!).

I love the dwarfs and the smurfs! Don't tell him I told you but my DH loves the smurfs!

'fancypicnic' said...

Helloeee!!! Don't's me, popped over for a visit!
What a catch-up time I'm having! Look at those blog wins (lovely); your fabric 'store' (wow); your paintings (fab) - and that's just the most recent posts xx

Love the mini-book. I saw Dot's ( book swap thing recently where artists collaborate on one book and it's fabulous.

As for my silk, while my lovely, I just pick it up wherever I can.I don't buy much online - but the need is there. We have so few fabric stores over here it's a killer.
Hope all is good with you! Still haven't got into that twittering thing....

trisha too said...

what a lotta fabric!!


Patti said...

Love the new studio friends - and all the work you're doing on your studio!
Received a very nice package of paper goodies - thanks again! I'll post the results soon...

TheTatums said...

Hi, Kris, I dropped by to let you know I"m having a give away on my blog. Thought you'd be interested:

Lucy said...

Wowza, you have a ton of fabric!!! What fun! I received my package from you the other day--thank you so much , you are so kind and generous!! I appreciate it so much!

Anonymous said...

Wow...look at all that fabric. I love your drawing. I have tried and tried to look at something and draw it but I just can't do it. I am lucky if I can draw a stick figure, lol. Hope all is well with you. Later.

Erin said...

your heaps of fabric makes me weep with deep wet tears of envy

Julie said...

I covet all your fabric -- and storage!!! Love the company you have in your studio. I have some but they keep heading off for different parts of the house.... Why don't my boys understand that mom can have toys too?