Thursday, March 26, 2009


Today's Haiku

Me. I am a slug.
Slowly moving. Trailing slime.
Not myself today.

Just checking in. Nothing remotely artistic going on unless you count watching the fat cat balance her 18 lb body on the thin back of a chair. Now that is an art unto itself. I'll take a pic sometime. Hilarious. Catching up on life. Cold and other things kicking my energy level. Helping the kids be diligent in their homeschooling so we can finish out the year. It seems this time of year is always a crunch. The teen has her ACT testing next week. Trying to see how long we can go without doing laundry. Especially if I'm just living in pajamas. Wondering if takeout food is ever a good idea. Envying people who are creating things or out in the sunshine taking pictures (like Trish and her flowers) and going on walks. Wishing I was a more disciplined person. Like the ones who don't crave Oreo cookies. or at least don't give in to that craving. Where's my Calgon? Do they even make that anymore and why don't we see the commercials these days? Today I'm a slug. Tomorrow I'll try on something different.


Rhonda Langley said...

Been there, done that! I was a slug last week except too many in my house wear uniforms to work must do laundry but no one said I had to cook how many days can we eat frozen pizza?

katie said...

Everyone need time off Kris.
Enjoy it, you'll pop back .

come to Warsaw and visit Saltbox Primitive Woolens and Tea for Ewe.


Mar said...

I am a slug too!..but your picture is CUTE! who could think of a slug as cute...I feel like this everyday!..
some days I just happen to accidentally get something done!
Homeschooling HAS to take a LOT of matter the age.
A cold, needs no comment that in itself sucks the you are actually UP on the scale of slugdom

and you mean not everyone craves oero's? what is wrong with ...THEM!

Vera said...

Haha! I'm not a slug today, but many a day that would totally describe me!