Wednesday, March 04, 2009

OWOH Winnings & WIP

I'm all about the abbreviations today aren't I?

I had the best time playing during One World One Heart, didn't you?! I was blessed enough to win three different blog offerings. I have received all the mail and wanted to share pics! (pics are blatantly stolen from the sites where I won the items.)This adorable little doll is from the creative mind of Sandee's Sanity. She is now ensconced in my basket of glitter jars, as the queen, protecting them from little handed thieves. She is quite enjoying her job and expects that I will make a crown for her soon.

This sweet denim bag is from Winn's Angels. It's quite popular in our house and the little one would like to claim it as her own. Winn also sent the a beautiful set of cards and a handmade card with a gorgeous picture of double rainbows!

This gorgeous present of a pendant, altered tin and 2 tags w/envelopes are stunning. I thought they were pretty online but in person they just shine. What a wonderful winning from Land of Nod's Studio! (more pics can be seen here on her blog.)


Several posts back I talked about giving myself permission to 'waste' a canvas. I've been working on one. It's not finished but I thought I'd share it so far. It's many layerings of paints, papers, glazes, plastic discs for texture, stenciled images and handpainted eucalyptus. Any suggestions on what it might need?


Sherry Goodloe said...

Hi Kris! Just wanted you to know that I received the envelope stuffed with collage ephemera in the mail Monday. Thank you so much, and no apology is necessary. I was pleasantly surprised when I went to the mail box :) cyber hugs & kisses!! Sherry

Anonymous said...

Those pretty little swirl things on the side in maybe black or white. Not the ones that look similar to this:@ but the long swirls. Just a suggestion Contessa Kris. Love what you've done with it so far.

Deb said...

Hi Kris, thank you so much for letting me know your OWOH loot arrived I'm pleased that you liked my offerings. I love your your art work very cheerful the colours made me smile, I wouldn't change a thing. Take care Deborah

trisha too said...

wow, girl, you WERE blessed! what a beautiful lot of owohs!

i was happy to receive a few myself--posted one today, as a matter of fact.

"waste" a canvas. as if. it's gorgeous, even if you don't do another thing to it.

windy angels said...

so glad to hear the little denim bag arrived and is so popular. you've received some very lovely gifts in the owoh giveaways. congrats.

about the "wasted" canvas - if it were mine I would provably choose to use a black marker or pen of my fave choice and do some outlining. I would probably choose to add some darker colour around the edges with either a watersoluble crayon or ink pad. I'm sure whatever you choose will prove to be interesting.
hoping you're have a fine weekend ♥

Carole said...

Love the bright colors!

Have you finished yet? Looks great so far.