Monday, March 30, 2009

Good Luck Canvas

I was part of a recent Sweet Goodness swapping. The topic was Suits (hearts, clubs, diamonds & spades.) My partner and I were both stricken with sicknesses that delayed shipping of our packages so I'm just getting my piece posted now. I sent a vintage item, some yummy foodies, little artsy odds and ends, and then this piece I made.

This was one of the many canvases (6x6") I painted the background, weeks ago. I had an idea to include these little suits charms I picked up from this Ebay seller (such a sweet guy), but had no real idea what to make. I used a Tim Holtz mask w/paint, gel pens, a fairy image from Inka Stamps and handpainted the wonderful Irish Blessing. The edge of the canvas is covered with vintage black lace. I hope my partner loves it!

It feels so good to be back in my studio after weeks of sicky hiatus. Wonder what I will create next?


Mar said...

glad you are feeling better!
these are colors that appeal to me...i like the background and the sentiment is a good one to pass around.

trisha too said...

they will love it.
if they don't, they can send it to me!