Friday, April 24, 2009

Short Conversations

(art made for DH's office.)

Life is busy, so you get short conversations in bullet note form.

* Only 4 more weeks until summer vacation and a much needed homeschool break!
* I've been keeping up with the house cleaning and clothes folding. Yes ME, you naysayers who know me well.
* I dyed my hair. It's like black cherry. Scary cherry I'm calling it. At least it covers the gray.
* I am sitting in a chair right now as a guinea pig for dd who is streaking said hair. I'm hoping for some pink streaks since she says I'm too old for blue. Who says I ask you?!!!
* My new favorite snack is dried cranberries and almonds. I used to hate almonds.
* I have started and not completed 7 canvases in the past few weeks. I need some art time!
* I get a whole art day to myself this weekend while kids and DH are at the zoo! Woo Hoo!
* I've been blog hopping again. For wonderful inspiration visit Fanciful, Paulette and Miss Sublime.
* I'm pondering what to give mom for Mother's Day. It's the day they come back from Italy/Paris/England. What do you give a woman who has been everywhere? I guess a ride home from the airport? ha
* I haven't finished 'The Egg and I'. I gave it to mom for her trip to Europe on Saturday. Has anyone read it lately? Cute book. I have the movie of it to watch too.
* Spring has sprung! We're enjoying the gorgeous great outdoors!
* Time to wash out my hair. The moment of truth.
* I think I'm tuning in Tokyo with all this foil in my hair...
* I'm not very good at SHORT conversations.

Back to your regularly scheduled life.


Patti said...

I love this phone - it is way too cool! But, I'll bet not as cool as your scary cherry hair:) I'd like to see that too.
I hear you about needing art time - an upper res virus has kept me down, then caring for my son, now my husband - I'll do my best today!
Hop on by my blog anytime.

Anonymous said...

This phone is sooo cute...what fun!

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

What a COOL altered phone!!! Does it work?

Rhonda Langley said...

Love the phone! I need to make one of these and see how many try to use it LOL! I used to have a lego phone that really worked!

Scary Cherry? Wasn't she a Spice Girl?