Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vintage Cake Toppers & Pie

The rains are upon us. We have a massive river running down our street during the deluge of rain. The little one announced today that she loves when it rains. We thought, 'yeah, its beautiful, smells springish, makes things grow...' She had other ideas. 'No, I love how over to the left of the backyard it gets full of water, perfect for mud stomping and mud creation making.' That's my girl. Always knows how to make a mess! ha

The weekend was eventful! I ferried my parents to the airport so they could be on their way to a blissful 2 week vacation in Rome & Venice Italy, Paris France and London England. Don't you just envy them right down to your toes?! They will also have the distinct privilege of meeting my artsy friend Liisa. I so wish I could go. Hoping sometime in the next couple years we can go and take the girls. Wouldn't that be such a learning experience? The teen is wishing for it to be next spring since she is planning on graduating high school then (fingers crossed please.)

The weekend included Saturday; a day to myself in the studio painting up a storm. Nothing is really finished (when they are, I'll share) but I had the best time. DH took the girls to the zoo and they actually enjoyed it! (You never know what a teen will like do you?!) I posted a few pics of the girls with birds on their shoulders on my Facebook. By the way, if you're on Facebook and would like to be 'friends', just shoot me a request. Let me know who you are and your blog so I can see who I'm befriending. My Facebook is: Kris Tuey.

Do you ever have that feeling that you've 'arrived?' That you have all your junk in order, you're on the right path, you're a grownup now? I never do either. I guess if you're always questioning ones self, you can discover new and exciting things about yourself and can also see your faults more clearly and hopefully correct them. I recently posted this on Facebook: 'I'm wondering when I'll feel like growing up and getting a grown up life. Do we have to grow up? I mean, is that written down somewhere? Where is my life manual?' Just been contemplating lately all my junk that isn't organized yet. Mental junk you know? I'm a thinker, can you tell? I think I need my own Thinker statue. Spring always brings out the deep thinker/list maker in me. Time to clean this, sell that, toss this, call these people, go here, go there, spend time with those people. Maybe I'm spring cleaning my cluttered brain!

I have finally started working on some more kits for Altered Pages. I had fun making these little cupcake toppers, pencil toppers, whatever you want to use them for toppers. Trying to use up scraps as much as possible so I can close the scrap drawers once again. The cupcake toppers are now a new kit over at Altered Pages if you're so inclined to duplicate these.

Miss Fancy Twist has been going around bragging about her big score of a delicious apple pie. I got jealous. So I made one.

It came out so good I posted the recipe to my foodies blog. Need dessert?!


Anonymous said...

Kris...those toppers are fantastic. Love them...especially the set with the flowers in the center. I think I need a bit of spring cleaning of my brain also :)

Anonymous said...

TGIF Kris! Three Kris Tuey's on facebook..are you the middle picture?

trisha too said...

saw the toppers at Altered Pages, and KNEW they had to be yours!

(and they were. are.)

VERY cute!!

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Adorable toppers!!!

Rhonda Langley said...

Love the toppers! The pie looks yummy! Needs vanilla ice cream and a cup of coffee.