Wednesday, April 08, 2009

See Contessa Sew

I'm in fabric heaven again. I love fabric. It used to be an addiction. Like any other craving, I fed it regularly by going to the fabric stores, petting the fabric, seeing which pieces wanted to come home with me. Lately though my interests have been elsewhere. But with organizing the studio and bringing the fabric hoard back into my sight, it brings up the ole' feelings again.

I went with mom and the church quilting group to several fabric stores this weekend. I tried to be sensible in my buying but its been so long since I've had seen anything new, I couldn't resist several new pieces of Kaffe Fassett, pretty Moda and my new favorite; Anna Maria Horner. I even picked up a pattern for children's aprons (it included 5 different styles.)

I cut out pieces to make one of the aprons this week. Instead of whipping it up on the machine, I decided to piece it by hand. Just for a bit of relaxation. I haven't quilted in a long time. I love hand quilting. I don't do it very often anymore.

Creating something by hand is an art. I've made my share of quilted pillows but I don't think my attention span is long enough for a whole quilt. Just yet. Maybe someday. I know you can make a quilt in a weekend or whatever but I have a thing for a piece that has hand planted stitches. I say that now, but I saw the cutest tied bed cover pattern the other day over at The Purl Bee that I saved and must try with all my leftovers. Maybe I'm mellowing, or realizing I'll never get anything done if I don't 'cheat.' hehe

I'm working on 2 more aprons just for fun. 1- I enlarged the pattern to fit an adult and 2 - I saw an apron on a fabric shop wall that appealed to me and I'm trying to duplicate. I'm also finishing up some canvases that I started last week and lost steam over. What art projects are calling to you?


Rhonda Langley said...

Very pretty! Love the red daisy fabrick. I have made several hand quilted and hand sewn quilts-before I could afford to buy a sewing machine and before carpal tunnel. Now it is machine pieced and tied quilts all the way!

Patti said...

These apron is to die for! I love the way you can coordinate so many different patterns and achieve a cohesive look. Fabric is one of the few addictions I don't have:) but you make it really tempting...

Kathy L said...

I envy you! Sewing was never my thing and I regret never having touched a sewing machine! These fabrics are so yummy! THank you for your lovely comment on my blog...Flowers are an intersting thought...I also have in mind a halo of light too so will have to see how that all works out.


e.beck.artist said...

grand apron ... love the fabrics!

Pyzahn said...

I share your love of fabric. If I had it to do all over, I'd be a fabric designer. At least that's what I tell myself. I have absolutely not artistic talent.

A friend of mine used to collect vintage silk ties and make things like this apron. Her skirts were to die for.