Friday, April 10, 2009

FLEETING - Illustration Friday

I always have that small moment of panic when a new Illustration Friday prompt comes out. I think 'I have no clue what to draw!' (We drew and watercolored this time.) Today, the easiest way for the girls and I to get started was to look up the word.

Fleeting: (adj) - passing swiftly, transitory. Vanishing quickly, Ephemeral.

Then, of course, we had to look up ephemeral being the wordy nerds we are. *eyeroll*

Ephemeral: (adj) - Lasting for a markedly brief time.

Then we searched Google images to give ourselves ideas of what others think of as 'fleeting.' We found hummingbirds, butterflies, time, days, life, age, beauty and more. After that we had ideas start to pop in our heads. Some slower than others (ie: me.)

The little one thought of dandelions, flowers that go to seed and those little helicopter plants that fall out of trees.

The teen thought of emotions and how you get butterflies in your stomach at times but it goes away eventually.

I started working on a sunset. They are so quickly absorbed back into the sky that if you don't watch carefully, you will miss it. However, my piece is needing to be done in layers so I set it aside to work on something else. Here is what I have so far on the sunset. It's from a
pic I took last July when we were at the beach. Be kind, its a work in progress...

The prompt from Illustration Friday included the quote 'Art is long and Time is fleeting...' by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Since he is a favorite around here, especially with the little one, I wanted to add the actual quote to my piece. I tried to interpret time as fleeting while art is long. Can you see an adaptation of the sunset I'm working on, on the wall?! ha

The girls have been painting all week. You should see the gorgeous pieces they've created. They're improving by leaps and bounds. See my homeschool blog for pics.


Kathy L said...

Gosh I really love these. You are all so talented. How clever your interpretation of the Longfellow quote is! Happy Easter to you and yours.


Rhonda Langley said...

Hey, that is from one of my favorite poems. Love the artwork!

'fancypicnic' said...

Love the image of your colourful hand, fom where creativeness flows!

Happy Easter to you, dear bloggy friend xx Thanks so much for your encouragement with my latest pieces - it's so appreciated. I loved making the rings - that one has been sent to a magazine...with my fingers tightly crossed! I can't wait to make more. I love yours!!

Rui Sousa said...

Lovely one. A true example of a really well done work! excellent choice about the subject! regards

Rui Sousa