Saturday, July 18, 2009


I think at one point growing up, I wanted to be an architect. Like my dad. All that linear drawing and organizing, planning where doors go, columns, room sizes. Yeah, it speaks to my happy brain. But then I grew up, got married and went the domestic direction. However I think about the structure of things sometimes when I'm out. Especially in a city setting. I love seeing the old buildings, the cathedrals, rusting metal fences. Signs.

Have I mentioned my obsession with signs? I love old signs. I take pics of them all the time! Have you been to Universal Studios in Florida?

My family was running around, enjoying themselves there in January, and I kept stopping to take pics of the store signs! ha A lot of them were old looking though.

We also went down St. John's Pass near St. Pete Beach, FL. They had nice signs as well.

DH and I ran off by ourselves last weekend for our 21st anniversary. We went to St. Louis, Missouri. I have driven through there; stayed in St. Charles once and I went to the top of the Arch when I was 16. But that is the extent of my visits. We had no plans. In fact, DH didn't even know. I surprised him with it. We went and wandered around.

We happened upon a food market; Soulard Market. They have these gorgeous stalls of food, you want to taste and take it all home with you.

It was also the weekend of their Bastille Day celebration, so I had the pleasure of shopping in a flea market setting too. The market is in this gorgeous old town area.

The outer structures and details of the local churches, homes, even the sidewalks are so beautiful.

I'll have to tell you about my visit to a St. Louis art store in another blogging.

In these days and times of plastic everything, modern buildings and neon signs, its nice to still find the old way of making things. Have you gotten away lately? Do you have any favorite architecture?

*Note: First pic is a building downtown Kansas City. Love the structure AND the sign on top!


Mary-Beth said...

great pics Kris and I love those old signs too. Just don't have any here!
I do have a favourite building, my old high school!I took pics of the details of it during my reunion in May just in case something happened to that school. So many of our older buildings are going the way of the wrecking ball, you just never know.

Rhonda Langley said...

These are awesome photos and you need to make a canvas with them!! I never thought about taking photos of old signs or buildings.

Kersten said...

A metaphor for marriage? :)