Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Am Woman Above Everything Else

I think of this quote sometimes. I forget much of the time that I'm not just a mom, wife, daughter, artist, christian, Shih Tzu spoiler, teen taxi, bill payer, grocery shopper, homeschool teacher, reluctant cook and cleaner. I am a woman. Just a plain one. Not Superwoman, although if I had Linda Carter's body, I would SO wear the suit and claim I was WonderWoman! Sometimes you just can't (and don't want) to do it all.

However, I've been remiss in quite a few things lately. Haven't listed on Etsy, am just now catching up on emails, haven't planned our homeschool year (which starts in 27 days), my laundry pile could rival Mt. Everest. A friend, a new friend mind you, gave me an award and I never answered or posted about it. Another friend featured my art on HER blog and I keep forgetting to mention it! So here goes. Right now I'm catching up on everything. (Except Etsy. I'm working on a few things to list soon. I still have supplies for sale though.) Maybe even the laundry if I don't stumble into it and die.

Linda, over at Visual Smile Gallery liked my Release Perfection piece so much she talked about it on her blog. What a sweetie! Take a gander! Her art is beautiful as well. I love the fat black/white cat, but I'm partial to cats...

Heather, my new friend who found my blog via google, gave me a nice award. You should see the project she's doing with Proverbs scripture. I need to do something like that. I could hang the pieces on my wall and be able to read them everyday for encouragement. Anyway, the award...

Premio Meme Award: The rules associated with this award are that I am to write seven little-known facts about myself, and then pass this award to seven of my fellow bloggers. I'll do my best...

1. I have a word obsession & I love to read. I used to keep a small dictionary by my bed to look up words while I read because I hate not to know something. I love spelling, word games, proper grammar. Anything to do with English? I'm your girl. I'm the person you'll find googling a word the pastor used during his sermon, while he is still preaching (I do it discreetly on my phone of course. )

2. I'm mostly happy, slightly self conscious but you probably wouldn't know it if you met me. I worry about things a lot but when push comes to shove, I'm the stalwart one who steps in and takes care of it all.

3. I talk to my Shih Tzu like she is a baby. She's my baby 'Cwemmie' (Clementine.)

4. I'm secretly proud of that fact that at least one of my children will be going into the art field. The 10 year old is still on the fence (animals are a big pull) but I'm working on her. She draws and bakes so well. I'm so glad we made it a priority for them to do art during our homeschool days. I'm proud, like a mom whose child is becoming a doctor. I say, with beaming pride in my voice, 'My daughter is going to be an artist/graphic designer/photographer.' It makes me happy.

5. I don't like to cook, I love to bake; but only if the kitchen is clean.

6. I melt in the heat. Even if I'm not hot, my face gets all red and I feel like I've run a marathon. It sucks my energy. Maybe I should stand in the heat more often to melt off some pounds?! ha

7. I frequently go to bed after a long bout of painting, collaging, etc... without washing my hands or checking in the mirror. I'm usually so tired I forget. I get up in the morning to see that my hair has bits of gel medium, paint and glitter and my fingers are coated with a second skin of glue. And I love it.

I don't know how to pick 7 friends, or how to pick 7 who haven't already done this lovely exercise. So, if you visit my blog on this post, please suggest someone that you think is wonderful enough to receive this award and I will include them on the list and let them know.

For those who were waiting on pins and needles (like that doesn't solicit an EYEROLL from everyone) to know which piece I picked for Diary Project 2010, you'll be happy/sad to know #8 won. I kept trying to look at the others objectively but that one just speaks to me and yells 'CCCOOOLLLAAAGGGEEE!' So since I'm Collage Contessa, I figured it was the one. If you're sorry you did not get to participate, she has extended the deadline a bit and has spaces still available. Check here for information. Deadline is August 1st.

If you're wondering what I did with all this stuff? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was the day my dd ended up going in the hospital for surgery. So it still sits on my desk waiting for me. I still have ideas...

Tonight I feel like painting. Maybe abstract. I've been reading The Creative Edge by Mary Todd Beam and it really inspires me to just paint. Maybe even close my eyes and paint. To quit worrying about lining things up, having a subject or worrying about what I'll do with the piece or if anyone will like it. I want no worry tonight. Just to paint.

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments and concerns about my mother. She is doing wonderfully well and should go home today to recuperate.

Now time to plan/order some curriculum and maybe do some laundry.

(Pic above is of a tin I made a few years ago. Found the image while cleaning up my computer files this weekend. That's another thing to finish doing, cleaning off my computer... *sigh*)


angelandspot said...

That tin is very pretty. I too am in the process of cleaning images off of my computer. I am trying to back them up on at least 2 images cds so if one cd goes bad I have the other.

Kelly said...

lovely lovely. we do often have to remind ourselves of that, don't we? i also get so caught up in being everything but the real "me" that sometimes i lose sight of who "kelly" is. good reminder!

trisha too said...

what a coincidence; i talk to your dog like she's a baby, too!

the tin is truly pretty.

well, now you have me thinking, and it's too close to bed to be thinking deep thoughts.

who are any of us? really?