Monday, September 07, 2009

The Colors of Crayon

I had a new visitor to my blog (doesn't happen too often.) First off, her name intrigued me, CrayonMonster. I know my friend Trisha would be happy to meet her as well, since Trisha has an weird affinity for crayons (pppsssttt: she smells them..., a lot! *gasp*) Anyway, since I'm sitting around all lazy on Labor Day and trolling through blogs and emails, I thought I would share her blog and her Etsy stores. I'm in love with this item (can you see me wearing this?! I'd look fab!):

The detail and layering of this bouquet makes me want to run to my studio and create something similar!

If you're sitting around like me today, making sure NOT to labor on Labor Day, be sure to take a gander at her blogs and stores. Tell her I said hi!

CrayonMonster Arts & Design
Colors of Me
Wearable Art (stunning costumes)

Etsy Stores:
Salvage & ReDesign (has the crowns & bouquet)
CrayonMonster (gorgeous paintings)


Anonymous said...

How fun are these?
Labor on Labor day, I have been down in the studio enameling, after grilling and baking a cake...tomorrow back to homeschooling.Gotta get moving when creativity strikes, my muse has been dormant for a while.
Have a great week.

Crayonmonster said...

thank you so much for blogging about me! I'm so honored! I've posted about your blogging on my blog (hehehe). Thank you!!

Patti said...

that Crayonmonster sure is a whiz - and yes, you would fabulouso in that crown!

trisha too said...

absolutely YES, i can see you in that crown--i about wet myself when i realized it was made with viewmaster reels!!! how much fun is THAT???

i do not smell crayons, by the by, i SNIFF them. delicately.

right. i couldn't even type that with a straight face. but doesn't EVERYONE have a cup of favorite crayons sitting on their art table? that they take a big ol' snuffle off every once in a while?

i wanna to make a bouquet like that. the CrayonMonster is awesome! thank you for introducing her!

Rhonda Langley said...

Love the viewmaster crown!

One of my favorite joys as a child was a new box of crayons. Sometimes it was just the box of 24 or 48 but every once in a while I would get a new box of 64-I still remember the wonderful feeling of opening up the package and seeing all those brand new crayons. Usually I got a new Disney coloring book to go with it.

JanuskieZ said...

Hi... Looking ways to market your blog? try this:

Miranda said...

Those are pretty awesome! WOW!

Jo Anne said...

I [heart] Crayon Monster! I love smelling them too, so don't let anyone tease you about it!!

Long live the View Master slides too!

Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn said...

Just became cheered up! T.y. for the bright post!